Delicious pumpkin shake is perfect for fall.

Delicious pumpkin shake is perfect for fall.

As autumn approaches, there’s something that makes our collective taste buds crave spice. Whether it’s cinnamon or rich chai flavor, we simply want unique drink syrups in our beverages to give us that warmth of home as the weather cools in the autumn months. While the popularity of spiced drinks in America is decades old, the making of the chai flavor can be traced back approximately 5,000 years.

According to some oral legends, a royal king in India recognized “chai” for its healing powers, using it in drink recipes, particularly mixed into black tea and masalas. Tea leaves were taken from the camellia sinensis plant to make and infuse the classic chai flavor into various teas.

However, in Hindi, the word “chai” itself means “tea.” So while we think of chai as a specific flavor of sweet and spiciness in the States, chai also refers to tea in general in the Indian subcontinent.

Of course, to enjoy this incredible flavor today, you don’t have to search for leaves of the camellia sinensis plant. With quality unique drink syrups such as Amoretti Premium Chai Syrup, you can enjoy this ancient flavor in any beverage. Knowing how to use flavored syrups will keep your recipe repertoire fresh with options!

Chai Syrup

We think our chai syrup makes for an excellent pairing with frothy, steamed milk and a shot of caramelly sweet espresso

As autumn gets closer and closer, is there any denying that spiced flavors like chai and earthy flavors like pumpkin define the season? So why not combine the two in a unique recipe? After all, unique drink syrups like Amoretti Premium Chai Syrup will greatly complement the raw flavor of pumpkin.

Have you tried this combination of flavors before? If you haven’t, it’s an absolute must. The combination of flavored syrups with fresh ingredients is undeniably a winning flavor!

Pumpkin Chai Smoothie

Add the ingredients to a blender as listed and blend until smooth. As one of the most unique drink syrups, Amoretti Premium Chai Syrup will infuse itself into the pumpkin, allowing you to enjoy two of fall’s most classic flavors in a single beverage. With flavored syrups from Amoretti, your options for flavoring tea, coffee, smoothies, and cocktails are endless.

How will you use unique drink syrups?

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