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Avocado Chocolate Pudding with Cashew Cream

There is so much to LOVE about this recipe. It is versatile, delicious, and nutritious.

Dessert and nutrition, say what? YES it can be done! This dessert will satisfy your sweet tooth and at the same time give a mega- dose of super-food benefits.

The main ingredients are simple and easy to find and the recipe contains a serving of healthy fats, antioxidant rich cocoa, and electrolytes. Healthy fats are an important component of a well-balanced diet. This recipe gives you 3 sources- Coconut Oil, Avocado, and Cashew. Some of the benefits from good fats are shiny and glowing hair and skin, decreasing the risk of heart disease and stroke, increasing brain health, and aiding optimal digestion.

Coconut oil is a favorite staple item in my household. It is multi-purpose and can be used as a skin moisturizer, cooking oil, and even to tame frizzy hair. It is one of the only oils that will not oxidize at high heats and for that reason is the best oil to use for cooking. Its health benefits are innumerable; a primary one being that it is an anti-bacterial, anti-microbial, and anti-fungal which prevents illness and disease.

Coconut water is the most abundant source of electrolytes in nature. Electrolytes are what the cells use to maintain an electrical charge across the cell membranes. Since the body is estimated to be approximately 75% water- we are basically electrified water. It is the electrical charge in our body that is responsible for countless metabolic processes and the basic functioning of the body.

The cocoa powder is also known to have high antioxidant content. Adding antioxidant-rich foods to your daily diet will strengthen your ability to fight infection and disease.     

The Chocolate Pudding and the Cashew Cream can be made in a number of different ways, once you know the general recipe for both. Depending on the amount of liquid added to the Chocolate Pudding it can be made as a mousse, a pudding, or a sauce. It can also be frozen into ice cube trays or ice pop molds to make a ice cream that has a rich, ice cream texture. The Cashew Cream can be used as a dessert sauce in any way you would like to add a creamy, rich topping.

In our world you do not have to sacrifice incredible flavor and nutrition for an indulgently satiating dessert. 

Cashew Cream

Amoretti® Madagascar Bourbon vanilla extract  is extremely rich and intensively assertive, but with the old-fashioned vanilla flavor you know and love.

Amoretti® Madagascar Bourbon vanilla extract is extremely rich and intensively assertive, but with the old-fashioned vanilla flavor you know and love.

Avocado Chocolate Pudding

A half hour before blending the cashews, soak 1 cup of cashews in 2/3 C of coconut water. One half hour later place all the ingredients for the cashew cream, except the coconut oil, in the blender. If the ingredients are not easily blending add small amounts of coconut water until it moves smoothly through the blender. Blend until it is a thick cream. In the last few seconds of blending, add the coconut oil. Remove the cashew cream from the blender and place into a container. Clean the blender.
Next add all of the wet ingredients, except the coconut oil, for the chocolate pudding into the blender starting with a ½ cup of coconut water. Next, add all of the solid ingredients on top of the wet ingredients. Blend and add small amounts of coconut water if the mixture is too thick to blend. Blend the ingredients until it is all incorporated into a creamy pudding, adding the coconut oil in the last few seconds.
Layer the Cashew Cream and Chocolate pudding into sealable containers about 4 ounces in size. Start with a layer of Cashew Cream, then a layer of Chocolate Pudding.

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