Blood Orange Old Fashioned, Blood Orange drink, blood orange extract

Classic with a twist, this strong Blood Orange Old Fashioned packs a lot of taste!

If you love Old Fashioned cocktails but also crave a bit of something new, we’ve got just the thing for you! Still that same bourbon, bitters, and sugar cube mix, but why not jazz it up with one of our favorite fruits, the blood orange?

Add a bit of orange peel as a garnish along with your favorite blood orange mix (we highly recommend our Blood Orange Craft Puree, if you haven’t already tried it!), and voila! You’ve got a new, colorful Old Fashioned that’ll be all the rage at your next party. Watch our quick video to see how it’s done, and don’t forget to check out the recipe.


    Blood Orange Craft Puree, Blood Orange Beer, Blood Orange Flavor

    Unique and full of citrus, our Blood Orange Craft Puree is a welcome addition to any craft beer or cocktail!


    1. Place a sugar cube on the bottom of a glass.
    2. Douse the cube with bitters.
    3. Muddle the sugar cube until it’s finely ground.
    4. Add an ice cube.
    5. Pump in Craft Puree.
    6. Pour in bourbon and gently stir.
    7. Spritz top of drink with the blood orange peel and then place on the side of the drink.
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