Cappuccino Tiramisu Pot de Crème

Impress your guests with this elegant French dessert!

Cappuccino Tiramisu Pot De Crème

Amoretti’s Cappuccino Tiramisu compound is a customer favorite!



    1. Combine egg yolks, sugar and salt. Set aside.
    2. Heat cream and sugar to simmering.
    3. Temper cream/milk mixture into egg mixture, whisking constantly.
    4. Add Amoretti® Cappuccino Tiramisu Compound.
    5. Strain mixture and pour into small cups or bowls.
    6. Bake in a water bath at 325°F for 20 – 30 min.
    7. Cover with foil to prevent a skin from forming on the custard.
    8. Gingerbread Cream: Whip cream, sugar and Amoretti® Gingerbread Compound in a chilled mixing bowl.
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