Chestnut Praline: A Nut-Flavored Syrup

Looking for a good nut flavored syrup for coffee, tea, or cocktails? Well, we’ve got six of them, but few are as distinctive as Amoretti Premium Chestnut Praline Syrup. Our chestnut praline syrup is guaranteed to be unlike anything you’ve ever had before. It’s certainly one of the more hard-to-find beverage syrups out there.

Chestnuts are most often known (“chestnuts roasting on an open fire”) but not tasted in America. However, they used to be much more prevalent in our country. Take a few minutes to learn how the chestnut all but vanished from America – as well as a few other interesting facts. You might just find your mouth watering for a Chestnut Praline Latte by the end of this post!

Add a few tablespoons to your favorite pie to give it a little extra...

Facts About Chestnuts

  • Prior to the late 19th century, chestnut trees were everywhere in the eastern United States. They were one of the most common trees in the Appalachian Mountain range. Unfortunately, when a group of farmers brought in Chinese Chestnut trees, a fungi on the Chinese variants killed off virtually all of the American chestnut trees. A few still remain, but their widespread prevalence will probably never be restored.
  • The “meat” of the chestnut is entrapped in a closed shell. With a little bit of heat, the moisture can crack the shell open, à-la-popcorn. If you do want to roast chestnuts, make sure that you cut a slit in the shell so that the nuts properly crack open and don’t just explode. Here’s how…
  • Slice an ‘x’ on the top of the chestnut’s shell. Allow the nuts to roast over a fire or bake in the oven. Once the nuts are exposed to enough heat, they will ‘pop’ open. You can then peel back the shell and enjoy the meaty center of the chestnut!
  • While it’s perfectly fine to keep most nuts stored at room temperature, chestnuts do best with cold temperatures and slightly moist environments. Store them in the bottom of your refrigerator for long lasting freshness.

While chestnuts may be a little difficult to come by, depending on where you live and the season, you can get the rich, creamy flavor of chestnut praline in Amoretti Premium Chestnut Praline Syrup. This delicious nut-flavored syrup is perfect in coffee, cocktails, tea and more. Also, make sure you try it in hot chocolate! Just add 1 ½ pumps for every 8 fl. oz. of hot beverage.

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