Coffee Grinding Part 1/2 (From the Coffee Syrups Experts)

Back in November, we wrote an introductory blog post about coffee grinding, covering some of the basics, such as the distinction between a burr grinder and a blade grinder. As more of our customers taking an interest in coffee processing, roasting, and other facets of the process, we decided to revisit this subject on a more in-depth level.

Even if you don’t know a Columbian coffee from an Ethiopian one, we’re confident that you’ll have a finer appreciation (and greater enjoyment) of coffee if you know a few things about proper grinding.

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Why Grinding Matters

Proper coffee grinding is important – very important. An improper (or untimely) grind can ruin a coffee bean’s complex flavor and aroma. Grind your coffee the right way at the right time, and you’ll discover an entirely new world of coffee! There are four major categories to pay attention to when it comes grinding coffee…

#1 Choosing a Coffee Grinder

As we wrote back in November, there are two types of coffee grinders: burr and blade. Blade grinders are cheap and easy to use. However, because these grinders have one (or two) blades spinning in a compartment, the grind that’s produced often has a lot of variability. You’re sure to end up with some large chunks, fine particles, and everything in between.

Burr grinders on the other hand, feature a grinding wheel that moves against an immovable surface. This means every bean gets ground uniformly, which is important because…

#2 Coarseness & Fineness

You can’t grind coffee finely and expect to get a good cup of drip coffee. Similarly, don’t expect for that store-bought, pre-ground coffee to work in your espresso machine, which requires a fine grind.

While there’s a little bit of trial-and-error to finding the right grind, you can follow these guidelines:

  • Coarse: French Press, percolator, vacuum coffee pot
  • Medium: drip coffee makers with flat-bottom filters
  • Fine: drip coffee makers with cone-shaped filters
  • Extra Fine: espresso machines (both pump and steam/stovetop)

Looking for the third and fourth critical aspects of coffee grinding? Stay tuned for part two of this series. We’ll cover a couple of key things to consider in grinding beans for the perfect cup of coffee. In the meantime, if you need a new coffee syrup for your home bar, try Amoretti Premium White Chocolate Syrup, one of our best-selling flavored syrups for coffee!

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