Make your own, healthier, version of the soda you love so much.

Bring back nostalgic memories, make your own delicious soda.

Whether it’s the prominence of vintage clothing in the fashion industry or the plethora of television programs set in the 60s and 70s, “old fashioned” everything is making a comeback. Seriously, the old fashioned label is everywhere – and drinks are no exception.

In fact, old fashioned soda is one of the most popular cold beverages this year. Boosted by an appetite for everything retro, you might find yourself making an old fashioned soda the next time you have a party at your house.

In the first half of the 20th century, the soda fountain was extremely popular and could even be found in drug stores, since people thought that soda had health benefits. By the 60s, though, bottled and canned sodas began taking over, proliferating on the market as old fashioned soda fountains lost their fizz.

But now, as old fashioned soda makes its comeback, you might be interested to learn about an old fashioned soft drink syrup mix so that you can delight your guests with this nostalgic flavor. Fresh ingredients and a lack of preservatives is the key to this scrumptiously fizzy drink!

Cola and Root Beer Premium Syrups

Cola and Root Beer Premium Syrups

When it comes to old-fashioned soda fountains, the traditional flavors include:

  • Cherry
  • Chocolate
  • Vanilla
  • Root beer

To make an old fashioned soft drink, all you need is seltzer water – otherwise known as carbonated water. With bulk flavored syrups, you can create any flavored soda that you, your family, and your guests crave!

With Amoretti Premium Cherry Syrup, you can enjoy the light, fruity flavor of cherry cola, which will remind you of those childhood summers picking cherries by the bushel.

Or perhaps you would like to use Amoretti Premium Root Beer Syrup to recreate an American classic. As the root beer flavored fizz bubbles in your mouth, you can’t help but smile as you enjoy the bold flavor that has such a prominent place in America’s collective cultural memory.

To create the best beverage using an old fashioned soft drink syrup mix, you’ll want to use 2 ounces of Amoretti Premium Syrup per every 10 ounces of seltzer water. Of course, instead of creating your own old fashioned sodas using bulk flavored syrups, you can simply add any taste to your favorite beverages today.

For instance, a single pump of Amoretti Premium Vanilla Syrup in your favorite fountain drink will reinvent any beverage you enjoy.

Have you put a new flavored spin on an old fashioned beverage? We’d love to hear how it turned out on our official Amoretti Facebook Page!

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