Cookie Decorating Party? Try a Coffee Flavoring Party

Coffee flavors

This holiday season, instead of hosting a Christmas cookie decorating/exchange party, why not host something different? Trust us, you’ll still have plenty of Christmas cookies coming your way. Host a party that no one else will be throwing this December or January: a coffee flavoring party.

Amoretti has all of the flavored syrups for coffee you could possibly need. And we know that you have the creativity your party needs to launch. Here’s how your party can break down:

The Invitations

You can invite guests to come enjoy flavored coffee with you through formal snail-mail invitations, or you can just create a simple Facebook event. Choose an invitation style that goes best with your party’s theme. Are you going to have a classy coffee tasting night? Or do you want your guests to get wild with their experimentation?

The Concept

The basic concept of a coffee flavoring party is simple: guests bring their favorite flavored coffee, coffee syrups, toppings, creamers, etc. Anything that could go into coffee should be brought. As the host, it’s up to you to provide brewing equipment, some coffee, and a few basic flavored syrups for the coffee. Beyond that, whatever your guests choose to bring account for the rest of the party’s ingredients!

This 3 pack is perfect for stuffing stockings

The Guests

Obviously, you invite whomever you want to your party. However, we’ve found that it’s fun to have a good mix of coffee snobs, novices, and regular coffee drinkers. This mixed crowd makes it a lot of fun to talk about different flavors, brewing systems, and of course… coffee syrups.

The Party

Your party can be loosely structured or intensely scheduled. For a loosely structured coffee flavoring party you could just leave out the ingredients, creating mini-coffee stations around the house.  But, if you want to have a more formal experience where guests can discuss different coffees and syrups, then you might want to design different recipes and schedule tastings throughout the night. Be sure to leave plenty of time for guests to mingle. After all, this is a party – not a class!

The Favors

On the way out the door, be sure to give your guests some party favors as a way of saying “thank you” for helping to make the night so successful. What better favor could you give than some Amoretti flavored syrups for coffee? Pick up our mini 3-pack of Christmas syrups. Each bottle/gift would cost less than four dollars!

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