Crazy for Swiss Chocolate With Amoretti Premium Syrups

If you keep up with us here at the Amoretti Blog, then you know we’re fairly unabashed chocoholics. We’ve written a number of delicious recipes for chocolate drink syrups, and we’ve also covered some interesting facts about one of the world’s favorite desserts. Today, however, we’re devoting our attention to the Swiss – or their chocolate at least.

When you think about the chocolate authorities, few are more qualified than the Swiss on the subject of fine chocolate. We’ve been doing a little research of our own, and have found some interesting facts about Swiss chocolate that we’d like to share with you…

Unique Beverage Syrups : Swiss Chocolate

Our Swiss chocolate syrup is made from the best ingredients, and it is one of our most beloved unique beverage syrups.

6 Facts About Swiss Chocolate

  • Switzerland produces more chocolate than any other country. Oddly enough, the Swiss can’t actually grow the main ingredient, the cocoa bean, which can only be cultivated in tropical climates.
  • Though the Swiss may not be able to grow cocoa, they sure know how to handle it. Chocolate manufacturers in Switzerland are responsible for developing a number of manufacturing techniques, including the separation of cocoa butter from the bean.
  • Though the Swiss produce a lot of chocolate, they’re not a huge exporter. The Swiss consume more than 50% of the 150,000 tons that they produce.
  • The manufacturing of chocolate is still relatively new to the Swiss. The first Swiss chocolate manufacturer was Daniel Peters in 1875.
  • However, chocolate had been around for a few decades prior to Peters’ manufacturing company. It was first introduced to Switzerland in 1819.
  • One of the reasons that Swiss chocolate is so good is that Swiss dairy cows have some of the finest pastureland in the world. Better ingredients really do make a better product!

If you love Swiss Chocolate even half as much as we do, then you should check out our delicious Swiss chocolate premium syrup. Amoretti Premium Swiss Chocolate Syrup is a consistent top-selling drink syrup – and for good reason. Other chocolate syrup manufacturers tend to “water down” their chocolate syrup to make it thinner and more manageable. In this process, a lot of the flavor is lost. We believe in keeping things pure. That’s why our premium syrup is rich, creamy, and delicious. Also, it’s made from natural ingredients right here in Southern California.

Also, chocolate lovers should check out our Peppermint Chocolate Martini, which uses vodka, peppermint schnapps, and Amoretti Premium Swiss Chocolate Syrup. Though it’s more of a “winter recipe,” we think you’ll enjoy drinking this all the way through the spring and into summer as a dessert cocktail.

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