Create Your Own Martini Recipe With New Gift Set

We constantly strive to keep our product offerings fresh and interesting here at Amoretti. Whether that means a new olive oil, flavored syrup, or martini mix, we’re up to the challenge. This week, we’d like to share with you one of our very latest product offerings, the Premium Martini Mix Gift Set, which features Cosmo, Lemon Drop, and Sour Apple martini mixes.

If you know someone who likes to make martinis using only the finest ingredients in the world, then this gift set is the perfect gift this New Year’s. Add a bottle of top-shelf vodka to your little gift basket, and this set is New Year’s-ready!

If you’ve never tried any of our martini mixes before, let us share a little information with you. All of our martini mixes are: gluten free, GMO/GEO free, Kosher, and don’t require refrigeration after opening. Truly, it’s hard to find a mix that’s as healthy and as convenient as our martini mixes.

Also, these martini mixes are hand crafted with real fruit here in Southern California. If you’re sick of mass-manufactured mixes that are loaded with high fructose corn syrup and other artificial ingredients, then you’re speaking our language.

We don’t know any serious home bartenders who like to use those inferior mass-manufactured mixes in their martini recipes. And, we’re willing to bet that you could say the same about the recipient you have in mind for the Premium Martini Mix Gift Set.

Why settle for anything less? This beautiful gift box set comes with three flavors that have been customer favorites since we first developed them. Each 28 oz bottle contains 28 servings, which means your recipient can make 84 martinis with this gift set! (Maybe you’ll get to drink one of them!)

Your recipient might want to create his or her own martini recipe to explore these great flavors. If you think they’d rather work with some of the martini recipes that we’ve already developed, check out these popular 2012 blog posts:

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