Drink Recipe: April Showers Vodka & Blood Orange

April Showers Vodka & Blood Orange Drink

April Showers Vodka & Blood Orange Drink

In other parts of the country, April showers might bring May flowers. But here at the Amoretti headquarters, those April showers are bringing out cases of Amoretti Premium Blood Orange Syrup. (And some vodka, too.)

When the rain starts to fall in that lazy, steamy April way, there’s nothing more refreshing than a good vodka tonic, supercharged with the full flavor of one of our more… uncommon… fruit syrups.

If you’ve never tried this uncommon fruit syrup before, then our April Showers drink recipe is a wonderful introduction. Vodka and tonic provide a nice neutral background, allowing the zesty citrus flavors of Amoretti Premium Blood Orange Syrup to spill out all over the recipe. You’ll get a full dosage of blood orange without being totally overwhelmed! Check out the drink recipe…

April Showers Vodka & Blood Orange Drink Recipe

  • Ingredients:
  • Directions:
  • Add first four ingredients to a Collins glass rimmed in granulated sugar. Fill with ice, and enjoy!

    Of course, this uncommon fruit syrup has plenty of common usages (if you know how to search through our blog!). From hot and iced teas to warm mochas and chilled cocktails, we can use this syrup for just about any occasion.

    One interesting fact you might not know about the blood orange is that the pigment that gives the fruit its distinct colors (anthocyanins) is actually the same pigment that makes many leaves turn dark red in the fall. While this pigment is really common in other fruits and flowers, it’s exceptionally rare in citrus fruits. The blood orange truly is one-of-a-kind!

    Also, you might have noticed that the longer you keep a bag of blood oranges, the darker each fruit appears to be. Was it your imagination? Not at all. The anthocyanins in the blood orange continue to darken the fruit even after its been picked. If the blood orange stays at a low, cool temperature, then it just gets darker and darker!

    If you’ve never purchased an Amoretti Premium Syrup before, then you should know that all of our products are made with natural flavors. Because our ingredients come straight from natural sources, you know that there’s a reason why our blood orange syrup tastes like the real deal. No artificial ingredients here. Pick up a bottle today!

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