Drink Recipe: Royal Gin Fizz (feat. Raspberry Syrup)

Try out this unique cocktail!

Try out this unique cocktail!

If you’re just entering into the world of mixology, our team here at Amoretti has a brand new cocktail recipe (an adaptation of a classic) that we’re dying to share. Inspired by the Amoretti Ramos Gin Fizz, which we published back in January, we decided to come up with our own take on the Royal Gin Fizz. This cocktail recipe is simple enough that you don’t need much experience to make it. However, the presence of egg whites makes it a little challenging!

Essentially, we’ve taken a classic gin fizz, added our sugar free raspberry flavoring, and topped it off with champagne. Before we get to the cocktail recipe, be sure to check out this little guide on making drinks with egg whites if you’re new to the technique.

Amoretti Royal Gin Fizz w/ Raspberry

  • Ingredients:
  • Directions:
  • Add the gin, lemon juice, sugar, raspberry flavoring, and egg white to a cocktail shaker (no ice). Shake for 10-15 seconds. (This is called a “dry shake,” and is done to emulsify the egg white.) Next, add ice, and shake vigorously until your cocktail shaker is frosty on the outside. Let the cocktail sit in the shaker for 5-10 seconds so that it settles. Then, tap the cocktail shaker down on the bar so that the foam rises and the rest of the ingredients settle. Gently pour the mixture through a strainer down the side of a Collins glass so that the foam sits on top. Lastly, add champagne to the Collins glass.

    If you like this drink, be sure to try the Clover Club cocktail, which uses all of the same ingredients except champagne. The Clover Club is more of a “cocktail,” while the Royal Gin Fizz is better for long afternoon sips in the sun!

    Also, though we use our sugar free raspberry flavoring in this recipe, we do sell a sweetened version, Amoretti Premium Raspberry Syrup. We opt for the sugar free one since the drink recipe already calls for white sugar, but the choice is yours entirely!

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