Drink Recipe: The Amoretti January Float

Iced Coffee

This January, it’s too cold for an ice cream float, but it’s certainly not too cold for a float-inspired cocktail. We’ve been playing around at the bar this month, and came up with a little drink recipe that’s really light on the liquor. If you aren’t affected much by caffeine (or if you keep caffeine-free soda on hand), then this cocktail is the perfect nightcap. It brings together some unlikely (but yummy) ingredients: coffee liqueur, milk, root beer, and vanilla cola. Curious? Check it out!

The Amoretti January Float

  • Ingredients:

    • Directions:
    • Yeah, we know; it sounds weird. But trust us on this one. Have we led you astray yet? Mix your first three ingredients together over ice in a highball glass, and then fill to the top with cola. Don’t stir.

      Because the milk, syrup, and coffee-flavored liqueur are heavier than vanilla cola, these ingredients should sit at the bottom of your glass, with the cola sitting on top. To ensure that your drink has that sharp layered look, pour your cola slowly.

      This cocktail has far less alcohol content than your average drink (which is why we like it as a nightcap). Its low alcohol content also makes it a great drink recipe to have up your sleeve for a guest who would enjoy a cocktail, but doesn’t want to have too much. Also, it’s a fun conversational recipe.

      If you’ve never tried our premium cola syrup or root beer syrup, this is a great way to try them for the first time. Also, there are hundreds of more ways that you can use our premium cola syrups outside of this recipe. From creating other cocktails to modifying your own root beer floats, the only limit is your imagination.

      If you have a modification of this drink recipe, then we’d love to hear about it. We’re always up for learning something new from our customers. Just send us an email to let us know what you’ve changed. Or – even better – share your recipe modification with other Amoretti fans on the official Amoretti Facebook page. We post to our Facebook page throughout the week (as do other Amoretti fans). Join in the conversation!

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