Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Brandy

Most people are familiar with the basic types of liquor: whiskey, rum, gin, vodka, etc. Discerning between these liquors doesn’t really take much experience. And, it’s not too hard to tell a good one from a cheap one.

Brandy, on the other hand, is a different kind of animal. It’s sweet, “warm,” and often confused for other spirits. Once you know it, you’ll never forget the taste. However, you might have to taste a few different brandies in order to get a grasp on what this spirit is really all about.

Though we don’t bottle any brandy here in Southern California, we are proud to carry Amoretti Premium Brandy Syrup, a delicious liqueur flavored syrup that’s perfect for use in iced teas, cocktails, and other flavored alcoholic drinks. If you ever want to get the taste of a high quality brandy without the alcohol (and price tag!) then our brandy flavored syrup is the perfect answer.

Amoretti Brandy Premium Syrup (non alcoholic)

5 Facts About Brandy

  1. Most people don’t realize that brandy is actually distilled wine. In order to make brandy, wine makers remove a lot of the water from their wine, resulting in the high alcohol and sweet taste of brandy.
  2. Brandy was first produced in France’s cognac region, which was known for producing thin grape wines with high acidity. Winemakers, realizing their wine wasn’t much good, decided they could turn a profit by allowing their wine to be distilled into brandy.
  3. Though we oftentimes think of brandy as a product of grapes, it can be made from a wide variety of fruits. Applejack, for an obvious example, is a non-grape fruit brandy that’s widely popular. In fact, we’ve written two flavored alcoholic drink recipes that use applejack, the Amoretti Deauville and Jack Rose.
  4. Brandy and cigars have a long tradition together. Cognac, a specific type of brandy, is perhaps the most common beverage to pair with cigars.
  5. The actual act of drinking brandy is a fine art. Brandy glasses are known as “snifters,” wide bottom stemmed glasses that resemble squatty red wine glasses. The “proper” way to drink brandy is by holding the glass in your hand so that it has time to warm. The warmth from your hand helps to release all of the aromas in the brandy. Take in a big whiff, and then sip!

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