Facts About Rock Candy With Amoretti Premium Syrups

A delicious addition to any drink.

Our premium syrups truly cover a wide spectrum. From exotic floral flavors to rich and creamy chocolaty flavors, we have all the hard to find beverage syrups that you won’t see anywhere else. It’s hard to pick just one to write about from our inventory of more than 115.

However, we’ve decided to take a closer look into one of our most unusual syrups, Amoretti Premium Rock Candy Syrup. Test your knowledge of this classic treat (it’s a lot older than you may think!) with Amoretti Premium Syrups.

One of our more wildly unique drink syrups, Rock Candy Styrup brings back our childhood memories.

Facts About Rock Candy

  • We have to admit, when we first started making our rock candy syrup, we thought that this sweet treat was only a few decades old – one hundred years at best. But, it turns out that rock candy is an ancient treat. Multiple Eastern writings (dating back to the 9th century) reference rock candy.
  • If you’re feeling guilty about eating too much rock candy, just tell yourself that you’re taking part in a scientific experiment. There are tons of great blogs and resources that explain how rock candy “grows” out of thousands of tiny crystals. Get some education as you treat your sweet tooth!
  • Speaking of growth, it can take up to a week to grow a sizable piece of rock candy! Rock candy is made by boiling sugar water. The maker leaves a string in the sugar water, where crystals can slowly form.
  • Today, rock candy is one of our most popular premium syrups. But, originally, rock candy was used for medicinal purposes. In Shakespeare’s Henry IV, rock candy is used as a throat medicine.
  • In India, rock candy is popular as an after-meal mouth freshener. The rock candy is usually infused with aniseed.
  • Many people in China use rock candy to sweeten their chrysanthemum tea. It’s also used to sweeten liquor, soup, and other hot dishes and drinks.

So, does this hard to find beverage syrup have you intrigued? If so, we’ve got a recipe that’s sure to knock your socks off. Check out Amoretti Rock Candy Italian Soda. This treat can be enjoyed by the whole family any time of the year. Also, it’s a great alternative (with a lot less sugar) if you’re trying to get off of traditional sodas.

Have more questions about our rock candy syrup – or any of our premium syrups? Send us an email, or give us a call. We’re happy to answer any questions!

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