Flavor Your Drinks With Eggnog Syrup (and Spiced Rum!)

Looking for a hot adult beverage that will warm your wintry bones? Then look no further than the Amoretti Spiced RumNog. There’s nothing better than a warm bonfire, heavy knit blankets, and an adult beverage that can warm you down to your toes. And, when you can make gourmet drinks like this one for yourself – rather than spending $12 at the bar – why not have two?

With over 115 unique ways to flavor your drinks, it’s always hard for us to single out just one product. But, today we’d like to talk about Amoretti Premium Eggnog Syrup. It may be “seasonal,” but this delicious syrup is available year-round. So, if you’re crazy for the Amoretti Spiced RumNog, you can enjoy it year-round.

  • Ingredients:
  • Directions:
  • Bring your water to a full boil in a kettle. Pour into a mug, and then add your Amoretti Premium Eggnog Syrup. Use a stir stick to ensure that the eggnog syrup is fully stirred into the hot water. Toss in your shot of spiced rum. Grate nutmeg (or other spices) on top for a garnish.

    You can make gourmet drinks like this one in just a couple of minutes. Plus, there’s virtually no clean-up with this cocktail: no shakers, strainers, or anything of the sort! Just boil water, pour, and you’re good to go back out to that roaring bonfire or nest into that favorite comfy reading chair.

    Also, remember that our eggnog syrup has many more uses than the Amoretti Spiced RumNog. Sure, many of us like it best that way. But, you can also use our delicious eggnog syrup to flavor hot chocolate, coffee, black teas, or even baked goods. How you flavor your drinks is entirely up to you!

    If you want to make some modifications on this recipe (and, we would encourage you to do so!), then check out some Amoretti Premium Spice Syrups. This category has plenty of tasty treats that you can add to this recipe, from gingerbread to anise and more.

    If you come up with a modification of the Amoretti Spiced RumNog recipe, we’d encourage you to share it with other Amoretti fans at the official Amoretti Facebook page.

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