Flavored Caramel Popcorn, Popcorn, Movie Night Snacks

Movie night just got more exciting, try this recipe!

Popcorn flavor, Amoretti ingredients

Make delicious flavored popcorn with Amoretti’s extracts and compounds!



    1. Put one kernel of popcorn into the pot of oil.
    2. Heat on med-high.
    3. Once the kernel pops, add the remaining ¼ cup popcorn and cover.
    4. Remove the pan from the heat once the kernels slow or stop, about one minute, depending on the type of heat. (Gas, electric or induction)
    5. Making the Caramel: Add all ingredients into saucepan, stirring to combine, and heat on medium-high until the caramel reaches a medium-dark brown.
    6. Remove from heat and quickly add desired flavor. Caramel will continue to cook once off the heat.
    7. Pour over popcorn and stir to combine and separate kernels.
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