Flavored Syrups for Coffee: Stay Warm Outside

Give yourself a special treat with Amoretti Gingerbread Syrup

As the weather slowly begins to drop – even here in Southern California – we’re thinking up ways to stay warm outside.  Of course, specialty coffee drinks sound like quite a pleasant way to keep warm.  Sure, you can stock up on sweaters and scarves.  But, don’t forget your flavored syrups for coffee, too!

If you love drinking your coffee, why not take it to the streets in a travel mug?  Add a few pumps of your favorite Amoretti flavored syrups for coffee that tastes hot and fresh for hours!  Whether you’re sitting outside watching your teenager’s high school football game, or walking to work in the Windy City, Amoretti has you covered.

Here are a few of our favorite specialty coffee drink recipes that we’ve posted throughout the year…

Try the Amoretti Gingerbread Latte, which uses our delicious Amoretti Premium Gingerbread Syrup.  This syrup is a special fall and winter treat because it doesn’t use traditional sugar to obtain its sweet taste.  Rather, we’ve called upon the zesty spice of ginger and the rich flavor found only in thick molasses and top-quality honey.  This syrup is guaranteed to be unlike any gingerbread syrup you’ve tried before – and, that goes for any of our products!

Unique Beverage Syrups: White Chocolate

Amoretti Premium White Chocolate Syrup

If you don’t feel like making a full-blown latte to take to the road, just make a cup of specialty coffee.  Add this syrup to your regular brew, and enjoy!  If you like that result, you might enjoy a number of our 115 flavored syrups for coffee!

Another great on-the-go specialty coffee drink is Amoretti Jamaican Coffee.  Use discretion with this one though.  It’s got another kind of “kick” in addition to the caffeine!  However, it makes the perfect specialty coffee drink for sitting outside at a bonfire, or getting cozy on the front porch this fall.

Another customer favorite recipe is the Amoretti White Chocolate Mocha.  This one is easy, unique, and, of course, tasty! Definitely check out this recipe for the winter months.  It’s a nice alternative to dark and milk chocolates when your sweet tooth craves something a little different.

Chances are, you’re creative, and you already have your own favorite specialty coffee concoction!  If so, we would love to hear about it!  Tell us what flavored syrups for coffee you most enjoy.  Let us know how you use them, and what you like about them.  We might even share your idea here on the blog!

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