Looking for a cocktail recipe that’s truly different this Fourth of July?

Looking for a cocktail recipe that’s truly different this Fourth of July?

Looking for a cocktail recipe that’s truly different this Fourth of July? You’ve probably had a whiskey sour, but what about a tequila sour? Not only does this drink recipe pack a sweet and sour, Southwestern punch, it also looks the part because it’s red, white, and blue.

We decided to use one of the more unique drink syrups from our collection, our Amoretti Premium Blue Curacao Syrup, and a handful of ruby red maraschino cherries to give this built drink a look unlike anything you’ve seen before. Despite a totally gourmet appearance, this drink is totally easy to make for friends and family on July 4th. Check out the cocktail recipe below…

Amoretti Tequila Sour (4th of July Cocktail Recipe)



Fill a Collins glass with ice and maraschino cherries, layering the cherries evenly amongst the ice cubes all the way up the glass. Mix the tequila, lemon juice, superfine sugar, and blue curacao syrup in a mixing glass. Pour the concoction over the ice and cherries. Top off the Collins glass with soda water, achieving the following effect: blue on the bottom, white on the top, and red all the way through!

This drink really is as refreshing as it looks. While the tequila, sugar, and lemon juice give it the perfect amount of bite, sweet, and sour, we decided to embellish it with Amoretti Premium Blue Curacao Syrup. This unique drink syrup tastes just like the blue curacao you may buy at the liquor store. However, it’s non-alcoholic and highly concentrated in flavor. Unlike other drink syrups, it’s not over-the-top sweet. (There’s a reason, after all, that we added the superfine sugar to this drink recipe.) Instead, our Premium Blue Curacao Syrup is designed to perfectly replicate the flavor of orange liqueur.

So, if you’re feeling adventurous this Fourth, why not try out an easy – but amazing – gourmet cocktail recipe that will impress friends and family? You can also make a non-alcoholic version of this drink for the kids by using a blue lemonade, maraschino cherries, and soda water.

Happy Fourth of July, from our family at Amoretti to yours! We’d love to see pictures of your Fourth of July celebrations and cocktail recipes. Share them with us on our Facebook page.

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