Fruit Out of Season? Not With These Interesting Fruit Syrups from Amoretti!

Enjoy the summer fruits any time of the year.

During this time of the year, the supermarket shelves can start to look a little bare – well, in the produce area at least.  Just when it seems like all of your options are root vegetables, Amoretti is here to save the day!  Missing that fresh produce?  We are, too.  However, our interesting fruit syrups are here to fill the void.

Amoretti Premium Peach Syrup

Add a just a touch of Amoretti syrups for truly unique beverages.

Sure, sure… these liquid sweeteners aren’t the same as sinking your teeth into fresh strawberries.  However, our interesting fruit syrups are made with natural flavor, which means you’re getting at least a little bit of the real McCoy!  You won’t find any gross artificial ingredients here.  When it comes to real fruit, this is as close as you’ll get in any beverage syrup!

So, if you’re missing the world of fresh fruit this season, check out these interesting fruit syrups from Amoretti:

Amoretti Premium Peach Syrup: this has been a customer and staff favorite for a long time, and we don’t see it budging off of its pedestal anytime soon!  Try making an
Amoretti Vodka Peach Bellini with it!  Of course, this delicious fruity syrup has a number of uses.  Everything from ice cream to iced teas can be improved upon with a little bit of this elixir!

Amoretti Premium Pear Syrup: Pear is a flavor that often gets passed over in the world of beverage syrups.  However, we think it’s one of the most interesting fruit syrups on the market.  It may not have the juiciness of peach or the bright colors of strawberry, but it’s a delicious flavor in its own right.  If you aren’t too familiar with pear flavoring in your drinks, why not get started with a pear martini?  This martini recipe is too good not to share!

No need to put all your cocktail umbrellas away.

Amoretti Honeydew Melon Syrup: You might pass over honeydews in the grocery on a bi-weekly basis, but that doesn’t mean you should pass over honeydew as an interesting fruit syrup.  We’re proud to say we’ve improved upon this fruit with our natural liquid sweetener!  While honeydew might be a fairly average fruit, it’s a great beverage syrup!  If you need a recipe to prove it, check out this one for the Melon Ball, a vodka, orange juice, honeydew syrup masterpiece!

Of course, these are just a few of the tasty liquid sweeteners we offer.  To see more of our interesting fruit syrups, simply browse about this page!  Also, we offer a wide selection of citrus and berry syrups as well!

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