Fun Facts About Gingerbread to Inspire Your Specialty Coffee Creations

Knowledge is power, right? Well, today, we’d like to share some pretty amazing facts about gingerbread that you’ve probably never heard before. And, the more you know, well… the better the drinks you’ll be able to make! That’s our opinion, at least.

So, specialty coffee-lovers, why don’t you test your gingerbread knowledge out? Take a look at these facts – and then do yourself a favor, and pick up a bottle of zesty gingerbread syrup. You can make your own Amoretti Gingerbread Latte and much more!

Delicious and crisp, just like the real thing.

4 Facts bout Gingerbread Origination

  1. Gingerbread was made thousands of years ago in the Middle East. The ginger and other spices were used to cure diseases and treat indigestion.
  2. It wasn’t just Middle Eastern cultures that used this bread. Greeks and Egyptians included gingerbread as a part of their ceremonies.
  3. In the 11th century, European crusaders brought ginger back to Europe, and began baking gingerbread at home.
  4. Not just any bread that uses ginger as a predominant spice can qualify as gingerbread. The other defining characteristic of gingerbread is the presence of honey or molasses (instead of sugar) as the sweetener.

2 Facts About Gingerbread In Europe

So, how did gingerbread take on all of the crazy forms and shapes in which we recognize it today? Well, that happened a long time ago, too!

  1. Queen Elizabeth I is often accredited for creating the gingerbread man. Sure, she wasn’t back in the kitchen, but she did commission her staff to create gingerbread figures that resembled her guests of honor. The cookies were given to her guests as unusual gifts!
  2. After the Brothers Grimm’s Hansel and Gretel story was published in the 19th century, many German bakers began creating gingerbread houses to resemble the one in the story. Their creations were a hit in Europe, and quickly carried over to America.

1 Fact About Gingerbread in America

And, so, the gingerbread saga reached its culmination in Minnesota in 2001…

  1. After 9 days of hard work, the largest gingerbread house ever built was displayed. It stood 67 feet tall at the Mall of America!

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