Give Your Breakfast Room a Coffee Shop Ambience

For those of us who really love coffee, it’s nice to have a space in the home to display our love. It could be the breakfast room, home office, a sun porch, or some other little nook in the house. If you love to make gourmet drinks, then we’d like to encourage you to start thinking about how you can infuse a space with a little coffee shop vibe of your own! Here are a few ideas to get you started…

The Visual Aspect: Décor

Go into just about any coffee shop and you’ll notice two things visually. One, the coffee, and two, the plush, cozy environment. Now, we aren’t saying that you have to leave the room strewn with vases overflowing with roasted coffee beans. But a little display of coffee can help set the mood right.

Nutmeg Syrup

A touch of our Amoretti Premium Nutmeg Syrup can bring out flavors in the chai you might not have noticed before.

One of our favorite visual ways of displaying a passion for coffee is by framing old burlap coffee sacks on the walls. These sacks can look great, especially in rooms that use warm, neutral tones. Also, they add a touch of the exotic to your home space.

Music for the Full Experience

What kind of coffee shop doesn’t have great music? You don’t have to play coffee shop jazz or soft rock, but consider what kind of vibe you would like your coffee nook to radiate. Music can reflect the kinds of drinks you serve and ingredients you use. Making a latte with a spicy coffee syrup like Amoretti Premium Nutmeg Syrup? Maybe some spicy African rumba could be fun!

Using (and Displaying) Great Ingredients

Many coffee roasters put a lot of thought into the packaging of their products. We know that our design team here at Amoretti certainly puts a lot of work into the labels and packaging of our coffee syrups. Why not display them? Don’t keep great looking products shuttered away behind cabinet doors.

Recipes to Make Gourmet Drinks

We’ve covered the visual and audio experiences, but we haven’t addressed the most important one yet: taste. If you want to have a great coffee space, then you need to learn to make gourmet drinks that live up to the room, right? Get started with some tasty recipes that put our unique coffee syrups to use.

Show Us Your Breakfast-Room-Turned-Coffee-Shop!

We’d love to see the space where you share coffee with family and friends. Post pictures to the Amoretti Facebook page!

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