snag a bottle of Amoretti Premium Guava Syrup  today, and start making breakfast!

snag a bottle of Amoretti Premium Guava Syrup today, and start making breakfast!

When it’s this hot outside, it’s nice to have a cold breakfast. For an on-the-go summer, there’s no tastier, healthier, or more refreshing cold breakfast than an ice-cold smoothie. Last month, we featured a recipe for a Passion Fruit smoothie. The recipe was a huge success, so we decided to try our hand at another.

Though our Passion Fruit smoothie called for spinach, orange juice, and a cocktail mix, our latest creation, the Gotta-Have-A-Guava Smoothie, stays more on the sweeter side. Instead of using tart fruit flavors and orange juice, we decided to feature bananas, milk, sweet strawberries and peaches, and, of course, Amoretti Premium Guava Syrup.

Amoretti makes the most diverse line of unique beverage syrups.

Amoretti is proud to provide you with a great selection of interesting fruit syrups to choose from.

Chances are, you already have all of these ingredients (except for the interesting drink syrup) in your kitchen. So, snag a bottle of Amoretti Premium Guava Syrup (free shipping for Amazon Prime members!) today, get it on your doorstep in two days, and start making breakfast!

Check out the drink recipe below…

Gotta-Have-A-Guava Drink Recipe (serves two)



Add all ingredients to a blender and blend to a smooth consistency. More or less almond milk may be necessary, depending on how frozen your ingredients are. Serve with a straw and enjoy. This recipe serves two.

What Else Can You Do With Guava?

Guava is an interesting beverage syrup and fruit. We covered nine of our favorite facts about the fruit this past May. Worried that you won’t know how to use it if you pick up a bottle? Don’t be. Here are a few drink recipes that put this interesting beverage syrup to great use:

  • Amoretti Summer Breeze: Gin, limoncello, raspberries, and guava? Could there really, possibly, in any world be a problem with this combination? We’re going to go ahead and cast a ‘No’ vote on that question.
  • Bubble Tea with guava syrup. Never had bubble tea before? Try it homemade! Tapioca pearls may be a love-it or hate-it taste, but you won’t know where you stand until you try it!
  • Drinks aren’t the only things you can do with our guava syrup. Try our recipe for tropical fruit salad with spiced guava sauce: the perfect summer salad!

What’s your favorite guava-flavored drink recipe? Tell us on Twitter! Include a picture of the drink, if you have one.

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