Hands-On Exercises in Creativity From Amoretti Specialty Coffee Syrups

Building a sculpture out of matches is not only a fun activity to do with your whole family, but it also increases your creativity.

A few days ago we posted three tips to help specialty coffee lovers boost their creative juices. The tips weren’t really related to specialty coffee syrups at all, but that’s the point! Real creativity thinks outside the box – or, the bottle, in this case.

If you’re tired of drinking the same old French vanilla latte every morning, then you have no one to blame but yourself! Sure, we’ve got plenty of tasty drink recipes here on the blog, but you’ll have the most fun as an aspiring barista when you start coming up with your own recipes.

So, let’s dig into some more tips on creativity. Our first round of tips had to deal with language and behavior. This second round of tips is much more hands-on, which is really important for the drink-making part of creativity.

Try out the delicious Buttercotch syrup in tea, coffee or as a topping for dessert.

When you start making these little practices a part of a regular routine, you’ll find that you’re inspired more often, and your inspiration to create specialty coffee drinks is greater than ever before.

Onto the tips!

  1. Make a sculpture out of a matchbox. Use glue, tape, or whatever adhesive you want. The only rule is to stick to the matchbox and matchboxes exclusively. This is also a great activity to do with kids, too. When you strive to create something with very limited resources and materials, you push your mind to work harder. It will make the creative process a lot easier when you’re working with rich and complex “building materials” like Amoretti coffee syrups!
  2. With a fine pencil, draw random lines and squiggles. Then, take an eraser, and go back over your drawing, carefully removing lines and squiggles until you have a recognizable image. We love this idea of working backwards, which is essential to the creating process.
  3. Lastly, we’re going to suggest again a tip that we mentioned in the last blog post. Buy the specialty coffee syrup that you think you’re least likely to enjoy, and challenge yourself to create a drink that you love with it! Maybe you’re a coffee drinker with a palate for salty and savory? If so, do you think you can incorporate Amoretti Premium Butterscotch Syrup into a drink recipe you love? We bet you can!

Let us know how your experiments in creativity turn out! And, if you have some favorite creativity-inducing activities of your own, feel free to share them with other Amoretti fans on our Facebook page.

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