Hard to Find Beverage Syrups:
That Comes As a Syrup?!

Amoretti gives you the freedom to flavor your beverages with unique syrups.

We always enjoy telling the people that we meet about our work at Amoretti.  We quickly learned long ago that many people have never considered all the possibilities of drink syrups.  It’s no surprise to us anymore that your average coffee drinker assumes that plain vanilla and maybe caramel might be their only options for sweetening their coffee.

Amoretti Tequila & Triple Sec Syrups

When we start talking about all the different syrups we make at Amoretti (over 115), people are often shocked to hear about the different flavors we have.  We often get the reaction, “That comes as a syrup?!”  Yes, maybe it’s difficult to believe, but there is in fact such thing as Amoretti Premium Tequila Syrup.  And, as it turns out, it’s actually quite good.

Of course, tequila is just one of the many hard to find beverage syrups we craft here in Southern California.  Frankly, there’s no limit to what kind of syrup we might come up with next.  And, so far, we aren’t running out of ideas!  Amoretti Premium Triple Sec Syrup, anyone?

One of the best aspects of creating all of these hard to find beverage syrups is having fun coming up with the drink recipes that put them to good use!  When it comes to our non-alcoholic liqueur syrups, we think one of the best ways to put these products to use is by making substitutions in cocktails that require many different alcohols.

Amoretti Blue Curacao Syrup

Think of the Long Island Iced Tea, for example, which uses equal parts gin, white rum, vodka, tequila, and Triple sec.  That’s five different alcohols, which, for many people, is a headache waiting to happen.  If you want to enjoy drinks like the Long Island Iced Tea without mixing so many different types of alcohol, then we recommend taking advantage of our hard to find beverage syrups.

Try substituting the tequila and Triple Sec with Amoretti Premium Tequila Syrup and Amoretti Premium Triple Sec Syrup.  Or, try Amoretti Premium Blue Curacao Syrup instead for the Triple Sec.  Either way, you’ll be cutting out two of the alcohols in the Long Island Iced Tea.  Make up the difference with more of the other spirits, or just enjoy your Long Island Iced Tea “light.”

When you have hard to find beverage syrups on hand, you also get to try a number of different flavor combinations.  Do you have one reason above all others for loving our hard to find beverage syrups?  If so, tell us what it is!

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