A Floral Summer of Exotic Beverage Syrups

Amoretti Exotic Beverage Syrups make great drinks in any season!

Features a unique combination of vanilla and citrus flavors.

Each season has a distinct range of cocktails. Just ask any mixologist, and you’re likely to get more information than you asked for about what makes a drink “summery” or “wintry.” However, if the mixologist knows their stuff, they’re worth listening to! Some summer cocktails simply can’t be made in the wintertime (and vice versa) because of the exclusivity of the ingredients.

But, with our exotic beverage syrups, you can make your distinct summery cocktails this season and year round! Why not get into practice now while there’s an abundance of fresh, complimentary ingredients all around?

Professional chefs around the world rely on Amoretti's products.

One of our favorite exotic beverage syrups is Amoretti Premium Fiori di Sicilia Syrup. It’s a unique combination of vanilla and citrus flavors. This syrup is definitely unlike anything you’ve ever tasted before! It’s an addicting combination! You might even try using it in your baking.

But, for today, we’ll stick to drinks. Try adding it to a vodka martini (hold the vermouth) for starters. You’ll probably find many ways to customize it from there!

Another hard to find floral syrup that we just love this time of year is Amoretti Premium Elder Flower Syrup. You should know upfront, this syrup is all floral flavor! And, we think that’s a great thing! Try pairing it with gin, and then filling your glass with tonic water or ginger ale for a delicious summer treat!

Sourced from nature and proudly made in Southern California.

While these syrups may taste best now, in the summertime, they are available from the Amoretti Store year round. But, with 62 servings in each bottle, you might end up hanging onto some of the exotic beverage syrups you buy now well into the winter!

Amoretti Premium Syrups are for everyday use, but they are also special. Sourced from nature and proudly made here in Southern California, our syrups provide distinct flavor and quality that can’t be found just anywhere.

Whether you’re searching for a hard to find floral syrup or an olive oil, all products in the Amoretti line are guaranteed to live up to our high quality standards. If you ever have complaints about our exotic beverage syrups or any of our product offerings, we want to hear about it.

We also love to hear about the exciting ways you’re using our products! If you’re enjoying our premium syrups half as much as we are, we know you’re having a great time. Share your stories and summer recipes with us!

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