Hard to Find Floral Syrup: Amoretti Premium Wine Blossom Syrup

Subtle wild flower and wine flavor makes a perfect addition to desserts and beverages.

If you’re looking for exotic beverage syrups, you might be starting to get the sense that it’s rather slim pickings out there on today’s market.  However, we can offer you at least eight hard to find floral syrups that can whet your palate.  One of our most under-rated, but most delicious, exotic beverage syrups is Amoretti Premium Wine Blossom Syrup.

The Need-to-Know

“Wine Blossom” is one of those flavors that is both ubiquitous and enigmatic.  It seems that everyone everywhere has some kind of product that they tout as having the flavor of wine blossom, yet if these products were compared side by side, the exact nature of wine blossom seems to fall apart.

If you’re like most people, you’re probably wondering, “What exactly is wine blossom?”  Good question!  For us, wine blossom is a flavor that is somewhat fruity, but to describe it as just fruity would be a great misunderstanding, for wine blossom is so much more complex.  We think that Amoretti Premium Wine Blossom Syrup goes far beyond basic fruity flavor by incorporating delicate floral notes.  Also, we think that once you try this exotic beverage syrup for the first time, you’ll instantly understand its name.  Go ahead, and give it a try!  You have nothing to lose.

Drink Uses & Suggestions

Because its taste is so distinct, Amoretti Premium Wine Blossom Syrup can work well in a variety of teas and cocktails.  Whether you’re craving an iced fruit tea or a summertime cocktail, this hard to find floral syrup will make that ordinary drink extraordinary.  However, our wine blossom syrup isn’t limited to drink recipes…

Create unique recipes with Amoretti Premium Wine Blossom Syrup

Cooking With Amoretti Premium Wine Blossom Syrup

Many of our customers enjoy cooking with Amoretti Premium Wine Blossom Syrup!  All of our Premium Syrups are great for cooking – whether you use them to substitute for another ingredient, or whether you make the syrup a focal point in your recipe.

We’ve featured a number of cooking and baking recipes on our blog in the past, however one of the most simple and popular recipes from the blog has been Roasted Peach with Wine Blossom Syrup, which uses the syrup for creating a delicious and healthy dessert!

This is a great syrup for transitioning from summer to fall.  You’re sure to find a number of uses for it aside from the ones mentioned here.  As always, fill us in on what’s happening your kitchen with this great product and others!

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