History of the Flask – From Amoretti Premium Syrups

The flask is one of the oldest, must trustworthy, surefire ways to imbibe.

The flask is one of the oldest, must trustworthy, surefire ways to imbibe.

The flask is one of the oldest, must trustworthy, surefire ways to imbibe. Slip it in a boot, keep it in a desk drawer, or (in another era) pop it in the glove compartment. (For the record, Amoretti doesn’t endorse these potentially illicit flask usages.)

Very early flasks were usually made of animal skins or stomachs. By the 1700s, however, the flask made it into a form that today’s 21st century drinker would recognize. These early flasks were made of silver, if the owner could afford it, or (as was more often the case) pewter. Of course, the problem with pewter is that it leaches lead, which resulted in many flask-drinkers developing brain disorders.

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The hip flask came into fashion during the prohibition era. When the sale and consumption of liquor was illegal, women could easily hide a hip flask inside their garter belt. Similarly, men could slip them around their ankles or in breast pockets, but this anatomical naming never caught on.

Facts About the Flask

  • Typically, only liquor is poured into a flask, largely due to the limited volume of the flask. However, if you want to add one of our unique drink syrups to your liquor, we won’t tell! Try using a delicious mellow premium syrup like Peach with your bourbon.
  • The custom engraved flask is easily one of the most popular gifts for a groom to give his groomsman before a wedding.
  • These days, flasks come in every shape and size. Plus, many flasks feature shot glasses, funnels, bottle openers, and other tools and accessories, which are all designed to be hidden in or on the flask.
  • There’s a flask for just about everything. Some companies will let you print a photo on your flask. Other flasks come in interesting and deceiving shapes and forms like cell phones, key chains, footballs, and more!

Are you a flask owner? Do you find many uses for your flask, or does it sit on a shelf? Would you ever put one of our unique drink syrups in your flask, or do you like your liquor neat? Let us know on the Amoretti Facebook page!

Please be aware that carrying a hip flask – or any flask – is illegal in many areas of the United States, as a flask is considered an open container. As always, please drink responsibly!

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