Host a Martini Party & Share Martini Recipes

Whoa!  Before you read the headline and tear off to set up that Facebook event, hold your horses.  Sorry, we don’t mean to sound like your mother, but a martini party is only a great idea (yes, yes, you’re welcome…) if it’s properly executed.  What, your mother never said that?  No, we suppose not.

Pear and Raspberries

Good ingredients make excellent drinks

In order to host a great martini party, you must start with a clean house, a pressed apron… okay, we’ll just skip ahead a bit…

In order to host a great martini party, you have to have quality ingredients.  Ah, yes, the good stuff.  Quality ingredients are the life of any party.  Food, drinks, those little olives that seem to have fallen out of the martini glass and out of fashion… it should all be quality!  You should aim for the best ingredients possible when you host your martini party.

So, how does this thing work?  Allow us to explain:

4 Steps to the Perfect Martini Party (and Sharing Martini Recipes)

Step 1: Depending on the size and the budget of your martini party, you might want to make this a BYOB event.  Two-dozen people swilling martinis might put a dent into your liquor cabinet budget well into 2013.  If you do make it BYOB, tell people that you’ll be able to provide the vermouth, garnishes, and the best martini mixes they’ve probably never had!

Step 2: If you’re going to do this thing, then please, do it right!  Because you’ll use so little vermouth, go ahead and get a nice bottle.  Also, it doesn’t cost much to get plenty of olives, limes, oranges, lemons, etc.  Make sure you have a zester on hand and plenty of toothpicks, too.

Amoretti Lemon Drop Martini perfect for one 6 fl oz drink

Step 3: Unless you plan on drinking straight vodka and vermouth, you’ll probably want to have some martini mixes.  We’re happy to recommend our two (current) top-selling martini mixes: Amoretti Pear Martini Cocktail Mix and Amoretti Lemon Drop Martini Cocktail Mix.  Expect plenty of fresh fruit flavor out of both of these – or any other of our martini cocktail mixes you might select.

Step 4: Start creating drinks, and sharing martini recipes.  This is a “martini recipes” party after all.  If you don’t have any martini recipes yourself, don’t worry.  We’ve got your back!  Check out the Amoretti Pomegranate Tangerine Martini, the Amoretti Strawberry Kiwi Martini, or really impress your guests with the Amoretti Blueberry Wine-tini, which reminds us… it wouldn’t hurt to have some wine on hand for this shindig!

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