How Cleaning Your Kitchen Can Empower You to Flavor Your Drinks

A great way to clean the kitchen is to get the whole family involved and reward the family members for participating with delicious beverages.

With all of the “reality” TV shows out there about cooking, kitchen makeovers, and home life, it’s easy to get a pretty distorted picture of reality.  Just as glamour magazines have gotten the blame for body image issues, it’s our bet that these “reality” TV shows will be catching a lot of flack soon for the inaccurate pictures of “the average kitchen” that they normalize.

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If you’re a parent, then you know that a kitchen isn’t always clean.  In fact, it’s hardly ever clean.  And, we’re not talking about grit and grime necessarily, but clutter.  Stuff.  Everyone’s possessions just seem to accumulate in the kitchen.  How can you be expected to work in an environment like that?  Truth be told, you can’t be expected to work quickly and effectively when the kitchen’s a wreck!  All the while, we’re bombarded with images of how “the perfect kitchen” should look from television.

What to do, what to do?

Well, here are our suggestions on how you can face the situation, clean up the kitchen, and start creating drinks at home in a (more) relaxed environment.  We even have some suggestions on how you can flavor your drinks with Amoretti Premium Syrups!

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  • Accept that your kitchen will never be perfect.  There will always be something (or someone) to keep your kitchen from looking immaculate, no matter how hard you try.  This is okay.  Accept it.
  • Start small and focused.  Clean just one countertop area.  Cleaning just one area, and having it exactly the way that you want it to look will give you a place to create drinks and add unique flavor to your cocktail recipes.  This is all you need to get started!  Don’t try to do it all at once!
  • Once you have one area cleaned, enjoy it.  Then, the next day, tackle another area of the kitchen.  Remember, big projects are made manageable with baby steps.
  • Get family members, roommates, whoever you live with, involved.  If necessary, you can create incentives for them so that they’ll be on board with your Operation Clean Kitchen.  A great incentive idea is sharing some special drink creations.  Buy a bottle or two of the Amoretti syrup you most enjoy using to flavor your drinks.  If you don’t have a favorite, these two are great starters: Amoretti Premium Mojito Mint Syrup and Amoretti Premium Raspberry Syrup.

The cleanliness won’t last forever, but we hope these ideas can turn a new page in your kitchen!

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