How to Infuse Vodka (With Drink Recipe!)

A couple of weeks ago we wrote about how to infuse olive oils at home. Since many Amoretti Blog readers enjoyed the work of infusion, we thought we would share some tips on infusing vodka. Homemade herb- or fruit-infused vodka is a great way to create drinks that are entirely your own. You might find that even if you use the same infusion recipe, results will vary from time to time.

So, keep the spirit of experimentation in your heart, and get ready to start creating!

Add to your favorite cocktail to create a delicious drink.

How to Infuse Vodka

1. First, choose the spirit and the fruit that you want to combine. Though you don’t have to know much about liquor to make these choices, you’ll find through a little research that some labels are better suited for infusion than others. For example, you wouldn’t want to use a cheap vodka with wood-flavored overtones if you wanted to do a bright, berry infusion.

Some of our favorite infusions are fresh herbs like basil or rosemary. However, for starting out, we recommend choosing fresh berries like raspberry or blueberries.

2. Next, select an airtight jar or bottle that you’ll create your infusion in. You can use old wine bottles, but only if you have a method of resealing them. Otherwise, we recommend using Mason or Ball jars. Do not seal the jars with wax or anything else.

3. Add your ingredients to the jar with vodka, give it a good shake, seal, and store away. Let your infusion sit in a cool, dark place, and give it a shake 3-5 times per day. Most infusions can be completed in 3-5 days. It really depends on how intensely flavored your ingredients are, as well as how intense you want the final product to be.

4. Once your infusion has reached the desired intensity, strain it through a coffee filter or cheese cloth in order to remove any little bits of organic matter that may have been left behind.

5. You can now return your infusion to the original jar (once its been cleaned) or bottle it up in another container. Enjoy!

Vodka Infusion Drink Recipe

This tasty drink recipe calls for a berry-infused vodka to deliver an amazingly refreshing treat.

  • Ingredients:
  • Directions:
  • Add all ingredients to a cocktail shaker with ice. Shake vigorously, strain, and pour!

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