How about some aromatic chocolate coffee in the morning?

How about some aromatic chocolate coffee in the morning?

Mmmm… There’s nothing quite like beginning your day with a cup of Joe. With over 400 million cups brewed each day in the United States alone, there’s no denying that we’re addicted to this morning elixir. But instead of waiting at that insanely long line at your local coffee shop – or busting your wallet – why not learn how to make specialty coffee at home?

It’s easier than you think – and definitely more cost effective, too. Plus, with coffee syrups available in every flavor imaginable, you’ll find that you actually have more specialty coffee options at home.

Instead of trying to teach you how to make every specialty coffee drink ever invented, we’re going to narrow it down to three major classifications:

Unique Beverage Syrups : Swiss Chocolate

Our Swiss chocolate syrup is made from the best ingredients, and it is one of our most beloved unique beverage syrups.

  1. The Mocha
  2. The Macchiato
  3. The Latte

The Mysterious Mocha Revealed

The main ingredients for a mocha consists of espresso, steamed milk, and coffee syrups. Of course, you can vary the recipe for this specialty coffee drink for various results. Most people find that a 60/40 percent mix works best: 60 percent coffee and 40 percent steamed milk. But feel free to modify this specialty coffee recipe to taste.

One of the biggest factors will be the kind of coffee syrups that you use. Whether you use Amoretti Premium Dark Chocolate Syrup, Amoretti Premium Swiss Chocolate Syrup, or Amoretti Milk Chocolate Syrup, the taste will be divine. The type of coffee syrups you use to brew specialty coffee will highlight nuances in the taste that make a major difference!

The Marvelous Macchiato

Macchiato, which literally translates into “stained milk,” refers to the method in which this specialty coffee is brewed. Espresso is added to the milk, which features more foam than similar specialty coffee drinks. Amoretti Premium Crema di Caramel Syrup will add a classic taste immediately, while Amoretti Premium Sugar Free Caramel Flavoring Syrup is a perfect sugar free option.

The main distinction in the macchiato is that while other drinks focus on the coffee, the macchiato is focused on the milk and coffee syrups for flavoring.

The Luscious Latte

A caffè latte has a more distinct coffee flavor than the macchiato. One of the most unique elements is latte art, which decorates the top of this specialty coffee drink. By steaming the milk to create a frothed topping, you can create patterns such as hearts, smiley faces, and random objects into your beverage!

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