How to Make the Perfect Dirty Martini

The dirty martini is a well-known, often misunderstood, and downright confusing cocktail concoction. Where it came from – no one’s sure. What a good dirty martini should taste like… well, not too many people have the pleasure of certainty in that matter either.

The truth is, the dirty martini is one of those cocktails that when made correctly tastes like a fine restaurant’s most popular wine: balanced and pleasing to a wide audience, but with an interesting flair that sets it apart from the typical stock. When made improperly, on the other hand, a dirty martini tastes like a cheap gas station wine: a simple and crude overpowering flavor with the strong lingering taste of alcohol.

We want to help you make a dirty martini that reminds you of the former description rather than the latter. Though we think the proportions we’ve created in this martini recipe lend themselves to the perfect balance, it’s important to use high-quality ingredients in order to really pull this martini recipe off. High quality gin and olive juice, along with fresh olives, will take you a long way in creating the perfect dirty martini!

Amoretti Dirty Martini Recipe

  • Ingredients:
    • 2 oz gin
    • 1 tbsp dry vermouth
    • 1 tbsp olive juice
    • 2 olives

  • Directions:
  • Add an ice cube and a little water to a martini glass. Swirl the water in the glass so that it coats the sides. Put the glass (with ice and water) into the freezer, and allow it to remain for 2-3 minutes. Add all of your ingredients to the cocktail shaker (no ice). Shake vigorously 3-5 times. Remove the cocktail glass from the freezer, toss the ice and water, and strain the ingredients of the cocktail shaker into the martini glass. Allow one olive in the glass, and reserve one as a garnish. Enjoy!

    Most of the martini recipes we share on the Amoretti Blog are designed to read-and-serve with no practice. This martini recipe, however, is an exception to that rule of thumb. Make sure to practice and experiment with this recipe before serving it to any guests! A little practice goes a long way.

    Looking for an hors d’oeuvre to serve alongside this dirty martini? Serve your guests toasted bread with Amoretti Premium Organic Extra Virgin finishing Olive Oil, which is infused with the natural flavor and aroma of kalamata olives. This olive oil is unlike any other you’ve had before – we guarantee it.

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