What does well with a fruity martini? Why, fruit of course!

What does well with a fruity martini? Why, fruit, of course!

So if cheese pairs with wine, then what pairs with a martini? If you’re throwing a martini party at your place, it’s crucial to have a few snacks and finger foods for your guests. But with all the options available, it can be difficult to find the perfect appetizer to go with a martini. Regardless, hors d’oeuvres for your martini party give you the perfect opportunity to be creative and assemble a culinary adventure.

But before we get into specific ideas, here are a few general guidelines to follow as you plan your martini party:

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  • Opposites attract – and complement each other! Whether it’s a simple martini paired with a complex recipe or a sweet drink paired with a spicy snack, opposites have a tendency to go hand-in-hand in the culinary world. Variety certainly helps keep things interesting – and tasty!
  • Balance the force. Tastes can be summed up in four categories: sweet, bitter, salty, and spicy. When you’re planning a martini party with multiple snacks and appetizers, you have the opportunity to provide a wide range of flavors to balance the palate and complement the drinks.
  • Quality matters. Just as you would only use premium flavored syrups for your martinis, it’s important to provide quality snacks for your guests. After all, you don’t want a quality drink to be matched with just any old snack!

As you start purchasing flavored syrups for your martini party, it’s important to think about the opportunities for flavor matching. For instance, using sweet flavored syrups such as Amoretti Premium Swiss Chocolate Syrup for dessert style martinis would work perfectly with spicy snacks. Not only would you provide a variety of contrasting flavors, but the quality of flavored syrups from Amoretti will ensure that the martini stays the focus of the martini party! That is the point after all, right?

Remember, as exciting as preparing snacks and finger foods for the martini party might be, they shouldn’t overshadow the star of the main event. Fresh fruits and fresh dishes would nicely complement a light martini made with exotic floral flavored syrups such as Amoretti Premium Orange Blossom.

In short, while you can certainly be as creative as you want – it’s your party, after all – the appetizers for your martini party should be planned as though you’re throwing a wine and cheese party. It’s all about pleasing the palate!

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