How to Throw a Cocktail Party (Part 2/2)

Learn how to set up a successful cocktail party with these tips and recipes.

Learn how to set up a successful cocktail party with these tips and recipes.

Yesterday, we covered some of the very basic parts of planning a cocktail party. However, knowing how to throw a cocktail party requires some specific knowledge about setting up a bar. Generally speaking, there are two ways to approach set-up:

  1. You mix all of the drinks ahead of time, and allow guests to serve themselves from pitchers.
  2. You set out the spirits, cocktail mixes, and other ingredients, and allow guests to make their own drinks.

Option one is much easier, but it’s just not as fun (well, if you ask us). Also, when you factor in melting ice and settling ingredients, drinks just aren’t as consistent when pre-mixed. Being more of the option two persuasion, we’ve created a brief guideline to help you set up your bar for your cocktail party.


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Setting Up the Bar

When it comes to bar setup, we recommend following the French mise-en-place tradition, which calls for placing ingredients in the order that they will be used. Also, whether you choose option one or two, make sure to print or write plenty of cocktail recipe cards. Guests like to know what they’re drinking!

Assuming that you will be using a long table or island instead of an actual bar, we recommend starting things off by placing glasses and ice at one end of the table. Base spirits (vodka, whiskey, gin, etc.) should be next, followed by liqueurs and cocktail mixes. Next, arrange the fruit, garnishes, or any other ingredients that will be used for the cocktail recipes you’ve created. Lastly, provide stirrers and cocktail napkins at the end of the table.

If you plan to use bartending tools, you can place them in the middle of the table where they’re easily accessible for all. Make sure to double-check the “bar” throughout the party to ensure that it’s well stocked and clean.

Cocktail Recipes & Cocktail Mixes

If you’re not sure what kind of cocktail recipes you’re interested in, try some of these classic cocktails:

We recommend picking up the Amoretti 6-Pack Martini Cocktail Mix to provide your guests with plenty of creative options! With great ingredients, you’re guaranteed to have a great time.

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