I Didn’t Know Olive Oil Could Do That!

Olive oil: one of the greatest gifts to mankind. Seriously, we love our olive oil. Beverage syrups and martini mixes may get a lot of attention on our blog, but we probably cook with our unique olive oils and balsamic vinaigrettes just as often as we mix drinks. Recently, our team has enjoyed learning about some alternative uses for olive oil. Check out these four ways you can use olive oil outside of the kitchen.

Amoretti Premium Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Kalamata perfection in your next recipe, or as a dipping option to go along with your favorite appetizer.

4 Interesting Olive Oil Uses

  • Exfoliation. Olive oil works wonders on your skin. Apply it to your face, and then scrub with salt or sugar to exfoliate.
  • Stop That Cough! You probably don’t want to down a juice glass of olive oil. But add just a ½ teaspoon or so to a couple ounces of water and let it slide down your throat. That annoying tickle in the back of your throat may finally disappear! (Using olive oil in this way can also help reduce snoring.)
  • Humidity & Hair. It’s going to be getting a lot warmer here in Southern California in just a few weeks. With heat comes humidity. If your hair goes haywire, then try spritzing just a touch of olive oil on it. In fact, we really recommend buying a sprayer that you then dedicate to olive oil. You’ll find many uses for it once you fill it up with some cheap, basic olive oil!
  • Cat Care. Okay, so not the most appealing use for olive oil, but an effective one… add just a touch of olive oil to your cat’s food (dry or canned) and help him get rid of those hairballs. Also, your cat will enjoy a richer, smoother coat!

Love olive oil? Why not pick up a bottle of Amoretti Premium Organic Extra Virgin finishing Olive Oil? This unique olive oil is infused with the natural flavor and aroma of kalamata olives. It’s even available in gorgeous gift box form. We don’t necessarily advocating it for use in your hair or on your cat’s food though. Pick up the cheap stuff at the grocery store for those uses.

Not sure you want to “chance” trying a new olive oil? Try our affordably priced olive oil, vinegar, and vinaigrette trio. We’re so confident that you’ll be pleased with our interesting olive oils, that we guarantee to make things right should you find that any Amoretti product falls short of your expectations! Pick up a bottle or two today!

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