Kickin’ It Up a Notch

Kickin’ It Up a Notch

It’s not every day that we release new coffee syrups. But when we do, we try to provide some tips and pointers on how to use them. This week, we’re pleased to introduce two brand new coffee syrups:

  • Amoretti Premium Crema di Salted Caramel Syrup: This delicious syrup is the perfect balance of sweet and salty. If you’ve never tried salted caramel before, then you’re in for a treat. The flavor combination has been sweeping the nation by storm over the last few years, though primarily in the winter months. We think this coffee syrup works well in iced coffee too!
  • Try our newest syrups!

    Try our newest syrups!

  • Amoretti Premium Crema di Chai Tea Syrup: Though we’ve made chai syrup for a long time, this new bottle puts a creamier, richer spin on the classic flavor of chai tea. Tea and coffee lovers alike should give this product a try.

Though either of these new coffee syrups can be used in the iced coffee drink recipe below, we recommend opting for Amoretti Premium Crema di Salted Caramel Syrup if you’re going to buy just one bottle.

Salted Caramel Iced Coffee Recipe



Fill a cocktail shaker with ice. Add the one-and-a-half pumps of Amoretti Premium Crema di Salted Caramel Syrup over the ice. Pull two shots of espresso and throw them over the ice. Shake for 5-7 seconds until frothy. Pour the mixture (ice and all) into a tall Collins glass or a cold to-go cup, adding more ice as needed until there is an inch of room left at the top. Float cream (to taste) on top of the mixture. Drink with a straw.

Kickin’ It Up a Notch

If you really want to get the full gourmet experience, then we recommend making your own caramel-flavored whipped cream using Amoretti Premium Caramel Syrup. Add the whipped cream (instead of regular cream) to the top of the drink and then sprinkle coarse sea salt on top. We also recommend trying this approach with a hot Salted Caramel coffee drink so that the whipped cream and sea salt dissolves into the mug.

How much do you love salted caramel? What’s your favorite salted caramel food product? We want to know! Join in on the conversation with us and other Amoretti fans on Facebook. We look forward to hearing from you!

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