Spice is a pleasure that doesn’t get nearly the same coverage in the world of mixed drinks.

Spice is a pleasure that doesn’t get nearly the same coverage in the world of mixed drinks.

Over the last few days, we’ve been asking around the office, “When did you start drinking iced coffee?” Nine times out of ten, it seems that iced coffee is something born out of necessity. Let’s be honest: coffee is just better when it (the beverage, not the weather) is hot.

But, it’s kind of hard to casually sip from your double-walled, insulated mug on the subway in the middle of August. It’s somewhat difficult to enjoy a hot cup of coffee on the back porch of even the most shaded homes.

Therefore: Iced Coffee.

But, making the switch from hot to iced coffee isn’t a piece of cake (though cake does help). Here at Amoretti, we’ve been creating iced coffee drink recipes with a wide variety of our 115+ premium coffee syrups with the sole purpose of helping to make the transition easier for all of you want-to-be-iced-coffee-drinkers.

Here’s the latest in our series of attempts, Amoretti Kahlua (Type) Nutmeg Iced Coffee…

Amoretti Kahlua (Type) Nutmeg Iced Coffee

  • Ingredients:
  • Directions:
  • Fill a cocktail shaker with ice. Add the two coffee syrups and then pull the shots of espresso. Throw the shots over ice and shake vigorously for five seconds so that the espresso, ice, and coffee syrups are chilled and foamy. Pour the contents into a tall Collins glass or your favorite cold to-go cup. You may need to add ice so that there are just a couple inches of room at the top of the glass. Slowly pour half and half (milk is fine, too) on the head of the drink so that it floats on top of the ice and espresso. Do not stir, as this drink is supposed to be layered (a “built” drink). Sip from the glass, or enjoy with a straw!

    This is the perfect iced coffee drink recipe to help you, the hot coffee devotee, make a decision your thermoregulation system will thank you for. Looking for more great tasting coffee syrups and iced coffee recipes? Check out some of our favorites below:

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