Infuse Your Own Unique Olive Oils at Home

Though beverage syrups and cocktail mixes are our primary focus here at the Amoretti Blog, we’re also big fans of olive oil and vinegar. We’ve spent years perfecting our olive oil recipe, and finally struck gold with our Organic Extra Virgin finishing Olive Oil Infused with the Natural Flavor & Aroma of Kalamata Olives. This past holiday season, we gave it a second life, repackaged into an irresistible gift set.

While the intense natural flavor of Kalamatas makes this one interesting olive oil, we don’t see anything wrong with doing some at-home modifications. Here at Amoretti, we’re big believers in creativity. So, while we think we make a pretty great product, there’s no reason why you can’t add a personal touch in your own kitchen!

Infusing olive oil is a fairly easy process that can radically alter the taste of the product. People infuse olive oils for a variety of reasons. Of course, the most common reason is just for the sake of experimentation. While the process is easy, there are just a few basic guidelines you should know about to ensure that the unique olive oil you end up with is safe.

Amoretti Premium Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Kalamata perfection in your next recipe, or as a dipping option to go along with your favorite appetizer.

How to Infuse Olive Oil

  • First, select the ingredients that you would like to use in your olive oil. Common ingredients include herbs like rosemary, thyme, and basil. Garlic, lemon peel, peppers, and other small, flavorful ingredients can be used, as well.
  • Secondly, dry the ingredients. Most herbs are easily dried, simply by being set out in the sun. If you have a food dehydrator, you can use that, too. Ingredients that contain water must be preserved. Otherwise, they could end up ruining your olive oil and posing a risk to your health. Olive oil will not preserve water-containing infusion ingredients.
  • If you need to preserve some water-containing ingredients (garlic being the most common one), then you’ll need to get some strong vinegar. True vinegar – the kind that’s used for preservation on a commercial scale – is about 4x more powerful than the cooking vinegar at your grocery store. Allow garlic and other water-containing ingredients to thoroughly soak in this solution.
  • Next, simply add your ingredients to a bottle of our delicious and unique olive oil. Allow the admixture time to take on the flavor of your added ingredients (at least a week), and enjoy! The more time you allow for the olive oil to absorb the new flavors, the better.
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