Inspiring Your Kids With the Help of Amoretti

Summer projects and sharing time with your kids are memories they will never forget!

For kids, summertime means vacation, day camp, activities, and play dates. With the options presented by activities like these, summer can be all about stimulation, or it can be about sitting in front of the TV. As parents ourselves, our team at Amoretti wants to encourage you to make summer all about stimulation for your family!

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Keeping your kids active and interested doesn’t mean you have to enroll them for a dozen different art classes, sports, and day camps. Instead, you can stimulate your child’s creativity at home with an afternoon of playing with Amoretti premium syrups!

Part of what makes Amoretti products so good is creator and founder Jack Barsoumian’s understanding of complex flavor relationships. Creating the unique beverage syrups that fill our product shelving isn’t just trial and error. There’s a science and an art in flavor combination that results from learning and experience. This combination of science and art is a large part of what makes Amoretti so good, and you can share this with your kids!

Your projects don’t have to be complex. Really, just allowing your children to have fun and explore their creativity with Amoretti is the only “lesson plan” you need. You can supervise your kids as they make unique beverages to enjoy on a summer afternoon. Buy a few bottles, and then join them in the creation process!

Hazelnut and Cinnamon are two familiar flavors that are a great place to start when making unique beverages with your kids!

If you’re looking for a few unique beverage syrups to get started, Amoretti Premium Cinnamon Syrup and Amoretti Premium Hazelnut Syrup can be great places to begin. These classics offer a good jumping off point.

You might want to buy syrups that are all within one particular flavor profile, or you could get a few from different categories. This summer, our Fruit, Citrus, and Tropical syrup categories are all quite popular with kids and adults alike!

Remember, this is an opportunity for your kids to learn more about flavor relationships! Through a little bit of experimentation, they can find out what works and what doesn’t – just like a real chef!

Your kids will love this fun summer project! It’s also a great way to keep play dates interesting. With 62 servings in each bottle of Amoretti Premium Syrup, educational entertainment like this comes at a bargain! Encourage your kids to make unique beverages in just two days time when you order now with Amazon Prime!

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