Intense & Elegant: Amoretti Wild Strawberry Martini Cocktail Mix

This fall and winter, it’s time for a change. We aren’t talking about your wardrobe. And, no, you don’t need to start thinking about New Years’ resolutions yet. Rather, we’re talking about your liquor cabinet – your cocktail mixes, specifically.

Walk into just about any liquor store, and you’ll be barraged by a number of glitzy and sugary martini and cocktail mixes. Bright labels, gimmicky caps, and incentivizing accessories fill up the aisles. It can feel overwhelming; and, it is.

A lot of the cocktail mixes on the market are made for college kids who don’t actually care about gourmet flavor. However, as an adult, don’t you think it’s time you start buying cocktail mixes that have intense and elegant flavor? Cocktail mixes that are refined and distinct? Cocktail mixes that are sourced from nature, and made from real fruit?

Yeah, that’s what we thought.

Allow us to introduce you to Amoretti Wild Strawberry Martini Cocktail Mix. This sophisticated cocktail mix is made from real fruit and doesn’t contain any high fructose corn syrup or the other artificial ingredients that you’ll find in so many other cocktail mixes.

Amoretti Wild Strawberry Martini Cocktail Mix

Bursting with fresh, fruit flavor, this is the kind of cocktail mix that packs some serious flavor in every serving!

This cocktail mix – like all of our cocktail mixes – was designed for truly “adult” beverages. It’s not meant to be sloshed over cheap vodka, and chugged. (Though we suppose you could do that if you wanted to, and it would still taste pretty good.)

So, if you want to make a martini that’s refined, and delicious, we can’t think of anything better to suggest than Amoretti Wild Strawberry Martini Cocktail Mix. Also, some customers might appreciate knowing that this product is kosher, vegan, and gluten- and GMO-free. You won’t have to worry about counting calories either with only 40 calories per serving.

Like all of our martini and cocktail mixes, this one is non-alcoholic. So, if you or one of your guests would prefer a virgin martini or cocktail, you’re ready to go! We’ve taken great care to create a product that’s so good that it can be enjoyed independent of any fine spirits or liqueurs. Simply add some Wild Strawberry Martini Cocktail Mix to soda water or fruit juice for an enjoyable non-alcoholic treat.

We’d love to know what you love about Amoretti Wild Strawberry Martini Cocktail Mix. If you have some great recipe that puts this intense and elegant fruit martini mix to good use, then you’re encouraged to share it on the Amoretti Facebook page.

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