Interesting Fruit Syrups:
Getting Funky With Flowers.

Unique beverage syrups: Rose Syrup

The natural and refreshing taste of roses.

Since the spring season is upon us, there is a lot of warmth and magic in the air. This is a great time of year to be outside, mostly due to the flowers! (Well, unless you have terrible allergies. Then you might not want to go outside so much – but you have to admit that it’s beautiful!) Those who like to bring the flavors of the season into their homes when they are cooking or serving drinks might very well turn an interested eye to the flavors of flowers. Our interesting fruit syrups are popular, but the floral tastes are getting even more sought after!

This is an excellent idea – in many different cuisines across the world, the flavor of flowers is essential. For example, the taste of rose is very common in Middle Eastern cooking – and it’s even common in old-fashioned frontier recipes! However, you might not have the time or inclination to gather your own roses and infuse rosewater like the pioneers did. That’s why there’s Amoretti’s Premium Rose Syrup, which is a great way to get the wonderful flavor of rose into drinks and cooking endeavors alike.

Unique Beverage Syrup: Fiori di Sicilia Syrup

Many people compare it to a combination of orange and vanilla.

Another wonderful rose flavor that we have on board is Amoretti’s Premium Fiori di Sicilia Syrup. This unusual name actually translates to “flowers of Sicily.” Before you say that doesn’t explain what the taste could be like, read on – it’s often described as a wonderful midpoint between orange and vanilla. Imagine using this exotic flavor in your favorite dishes as a replacement for vanilla. You’ll be able to taste the subtle yet intriguing difference. This syrup also makes a delicious addition to teas and club sodas.

Interesting Fruit Syrups: Violet Lavender Syrup

Try a martini flavored with Violet Lavender Syrup!

For a floral taste that is a little more subtle, we have ourAmoretti’s Premium Violet Lavender Syrup. This floral taste is a little bit softer than most, so you can enjoy it with impunity in a variety of different dishes. For those who are looking to get introduced to floral in a less vibrant way, make sure to try out this intriguing flavor.

Bringing the taste of flowers to your spring table or bar is a great way to make a unique impact. Our unique beverage syrups can be consumed in a variety of ways, which means making them the centerpiece of your spring table is a wonderful idea. Very few chefs tend to think of flowers when introducing flavors, but with our syrups you’ll be able to harness the subtle and yet striking taste of floral for your spring kitchen. It’s a wonderful time of year – celebrate the warming of the seasons with both actual flowers and delicious flavor!

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