Irish Liqueurs, Fruit Liqueurs… Amoretti Has Them All

Amoretti offers a variety of alcohol-free liqueur syrups, including Tequila syrup.

You may know us best for our coffee syrups, but we’re proud to offer a variety of non-alcoholic liqueurs.  Whether you’re looking for Irish liqueurs (like Amoretti Premium Irish Cream Syrup) or fruit liqueurs (have you tried Amoretti Premium Kirsch Syrup?), we’ve got them all!

Unique beverage syrup: Kirsch

Kirsch is traditionally made from double distillation of morello cherries,and have a refined taste with subtle flavors of cherry and a slight bitter-almond taste.

Currently, we’re proud to offer fifteen different non-alcoholic liqueurs, all of them incredibly tasty and useful!  If you’re looking for a new and fresh way to make one of your favorite cocktails, why not considering adding a touch of one of our fruit liqueurs to the mix?  A little bit of Amoretti Premium Kirsch Syrup goes a long way!  And, the unique taste is likely to surprise your guests, taking you from an average drink-mixer to a mixologist extraordinaire!

Kirsch isn’t the only offering we have in the fruit liqueurs category.  Another customer favorite is our Amoretti Premium Triple Sec Syrup.  It mixes quite well with Amoretti Premium Tequila Syrup.  See where we’re going there?

Of course, you don’t have to limit these liqueurs to the realm of cocktails.  Because they’re non-alcoholic liqueurs, many people enjoy using them with coffee, teas, and in other drinks – breakfast drinks included!  Why not add one of our delicious Irish liqueurs to your morning coffee?

Amoretti Premium Irish Cream Syrup

Amoretti Premium Irish Cream Syrup

Throw a dash of Amoretti Premium Irish Cream Syrup into your morning cup of Joe, and see how you like the results!  Many customers have fallen in love with drinking their coffee this way.  You might find it’s easy to see the reason why!

Our various liqueurs are totally unique and different from the actual liqueurs you’ll find on store shelves near you.  Because these are beverage syrups – not real liqueurs – the taste tends to highlight the best and most distinct part of the beverage.  That means you can get the taste you love with our Irish liqueurs and fruit liqueurs; but, you don’t have to get the taste of alcohol along with them.

While they go great in cocktails, these liqueurs are especially great if you’re wanting a non-alcoholic drink.  How else could you get the taste of champagne in your soda and avoid the real thing?

We would love to know what your favorite Amoretti non-alcoholic liqueur is.  Send us an email, and tell us what you love, and why you love it!  Feel free to share recipes with us, too.  We might even post them on the blog!

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