Ever wanted a pie flavor martini? Check out our recipe!

Ever wanted a pie flavor martini? Check out our recipe!

If you’ve been practicing your martini shaking skills this summer, then we’ve got a new martini recipe to put those skills to the test! Our delicious new Key Lime Pie Martini Recipe involves a lot of ingredients and a little bartending skill to pull off. If you love making gourmet drinks, then you can wow your guests with this delectable dessert.

Check out the martini recipe below…

Amoretti Key Lime Martini Cocktail Mix

Amoretti Key Lime Martini Cocktail Mix

Don’t worry – we’ve got plenty of notes on this recipe posted below. If you’re having trouble with any of the steps involved in this drink, just skip down below for help.

Key Lime Pie Martini



Add vanilla vodka, the key lime martini mix, triple sec, and egg white to a cocktail shaker. Shake vigorously with no ice. This is known as a “dry shake,” which helps emulsify the egg white. Next, squeeze in the ½ key lime, add ice, and shake again. Use the expended key lime to rim the martini glass. Twist the martini glass in a plate of crushed graham crackers, as you would a margarita glass in a plate of salt. Pour the drink into the cocktail glass and garnish with a lime wheel. Enjoy!

Notes on the Martini Recipe

  • Don’t have vanilla vodka on hand? We understand. Truth be told, we’re not much for the flavored spirits ourselves. Most of them tend to have artificial ingredients that dominate the flavor. You can make your own “vanilla vodka” by adding a dash of vanilla extract to regular vodka.
  • Not sure how to perform a dry shake? We’ve got you covered. This post covers some basics on making drinks with raw eggs and performing a dry shake.
  • About that graham cracker rim… We’ve found that the finer the graham crackers are ground, the easier it is to get them to stick to the rim. Don’t be afraid of grinding them into a fine powder.

Whenever we introduce a brand new martini mix, we’re always interested to know what other people will create with it. We encourage you to pick up a bottle of Amoretti Key Lime Martini Cocktail Mix and start mixing. Share your creative cocktail and martini recipes with us on the Amoretti Facebook page. Happy summer!

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