Know What Bakes Well? Amoretti Premium Milk Chocolate Syrup

Create a unique pizza-dessert that everyone will enjoy!

From time to time, we like to remind our customers that Amoretti syrups aren’t just limited to being beverage ingredients.  There are quite a few uses for flavored syrups, and mixing them into drinks is just one – albeit the most common – use.  If you’d like to add unique flavor to some of your culinary creations, consider baking with Amoretti – especially Amoretti Premium Milk Chocolate Syrup.

Here’s one of our favorite examples of baking with Amoretti, Amoretti Chocolate-Fruit Pizza.  We posted this recipe at the beginning of summer, but decided to bring it back for new customers and for old customers who might have missed it back in May.

Amoretti Chocolate-Fruit Pizza is a great example of how Amoretti beverage syrups can add unique flavor to all kinds of gustatory pleasures!  Don’t feel like you’re limited to chocolate milk.  Here are a few more suggestions for all the chocolate lovers out there…

Unique Beverage Syrups: Milk Chocolate

Amoretti Premium Milk Chocolate Syrup

  • Drizzle Amoretti Premium Milk Chocolate Syrup over toasted marshmallows for a s’more-like treat.  You might want to toast marshmallows briefly in the oven, or (as the weather cools) enjoy roasting your marshmallows over an open fire outside!
  • If you’re baking a pie, cake, or some other delicious dessert, consider drizzling Amoretti Premium Milk Chocolate Syrup over the top in order to make it extra special.  All of our chocolate syrups offer great ways to add unique flavor to your baked goods.  Amoretti can help you turn a simple cake into something extraordinary with minimal effort!
  • Of course, you can always drizzle Amoretti Premium Milk Chocolate Syrup over ice cream as a topping.  It’s not really baking or cooking, but it’s quite tasty, and sometimes it’s nice to have some low-prep options!

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Don’t forget to browse through our other Premium Chocolate Syrups.  Milk chocolate isn’t the only delicious syrup we have!  Check out Dark Chocolate, Swiss Chocolate, White Chocolate, and more!  We’re sure you’ll find many uses for flavored syrups from Amoretti.

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In fact, you may be baking or cooking with Amoretti Premium Syrups already.  Whether baking with our products is old hat to you, or whether you’re feeling adventurous and up for trying something new, send us an email or drop us a line, and let us know what you’re doing in the kitchen!  We always love hearing from customers – especially when they’re doing innovative things with our products!

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