Save a Spot for Amoretti at Your Labor Day Cookout

Make your Labor Day cookout a terrific party with the help of Amoretti!

We’re fortunate to be in Southern California, where our “cookout season” is more extended than it is for the rest of the country.  We have to admit, we’re quite happy to be here!  However, for most Americans, Labor Day marks the end of summer, and end of the cookout season.  If you’re getting a little teary eyed about Labor Day, then hey—we sympathize with you.

However, it’s just all the more reason to make your Labor Day cookout a terrific party!  Whether you plan on an all-day grill out bash, or whether you plan on having a smaller dinner party affair, save a spot for Amoretti in your Labor Day plans.

One of our favorite things about parties in general is that it’s a time to share new food, drinks, recipes, and products with family and friends.  Amoretti Premium Syrups are the perfect products to bring to the table!

We want to encourage you to pick out at least 3-4 of your favorite Amoretti Tropical Syrups to share with your Labor Day party guests.  Pick out a few unique drink syrups that you already know and love, and encourage your guests to create their own drink recipes throughout the evening.  This activity works best if you provide the templates for basic drink recipes.  Give your guests measurement guidelines and recommendations for some of the basic cocktails, and then turn them loose to have fun with the unique drink syrups you picked out for the occasion!

Guava, Coconut and Pineapple Syrups

If you haven’t tried any of our Tropical Syrups before, here are a few customer-favorites to think about:

Amoretti Premium Coconut Syrup: This one goes great in all kinds of summer cocktails.  Add it to your drinks to give a little “piña colada flair.”  It also works well in tandem with other fruitier syrups.  Definitely think about adding this one to your arsenal of unique drink syrups!

Amoretti Premium Pineapple Syrup is another popular one of our tropical syrups.  This one works well with a variety of drink recipes—especially clear soda-based recipes.  Consider incorporating this with Coconut and other “classic” tropical flavors.

Amoretti Premium Guava Syrup: This is our “non-traditional” tropical recommendation.  Customers and staff both love this unique drink syrup, which really brings something unusual to the table.  Guava is an underrated fruit, in our opinion.  Add this one to the table!

Let us be a part of your Labor Day party.  We’d love to see pictures of your event!

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