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Cute, exciting, and ready for Easter, our fondant-topped Lemon Easter Cakes are ready to celebrate!

It’s March. It’s spring. And Easter is coming! Time to get hopping on recipes that will amuse and delight everyone, whether you want to take them to school, work, or your next family function! And we’ve got just the thing you need!
Maybe you’ve made egg-shaped cakes or cookies before, but have you ever topped and decorated them with fondant? It’s not only easy, but super fun! Get the kids involved rolling out the fondant and shaping them. They’ll love creating their own special Easter cakes, and enjoy eating their creations just as much as making them!
Watch our video to see just how we did it, then print out our recipe and get started on your own!



    1. CAKE: Mix the boxed cake per instructions, adding the Lemon Compound once it is mixed.
    2. Bake in a sheet pan per instructions.
    3. ICING: Mix the cream cheese, soft butter, and powdered sugar.
    4. Whip the cream and the sugar.
    5. Combine the whipped cream and cream cheese mixture to make the “light” cream cheese icing.
    6. Frost the cake with a light layer of the “light” cream cheese and freeze for an hour or overnight.
    7. COLORED FONDANT: Work small batches of the fondant to a soft consistency, sprinkling cornstarch onto the work surface to keep it from sticking.
    8. Add the colors to the individual batches, wrapping each in plastic.
    9. Keep all fondant wrapped as soon as it is soft.
    10. EASTER CAKE ASSEMBLY: Using an egg-shaped cookie cutter, press out individual “eggs” from the frozen, frosted cake.
    11. Roll out the colored fondant pieces to thin layers.
    12. Using the same egg-shaped cookie cutter, press out a yellow egg and gently wet the bottom of the fondant so it adheres to the frosted cake.
    13. Lay it onto the egg-shaped cake.
    14. With a knife, cut a small band from the blue fondant, wet the bottom and lay it on top of the yellow fondant.
    15. Using a small tip, cut out little flowers from the orange fondant, wet them and lay them on the blue band.
    16. Using a small egg-shaped cookie cutter, press out an egg from the orange fondant, wet it and lay it on the upper edge of the yellow egg.

      • Keep fondant wrapped at all times when not working with it as it hardens very quickly.
      • Use any shaped cookie cutters or cut your own shapes to make any decorations you’d like!
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