Like Our Peppermint Coffee Syrups? Then You Might Want to Know This

Peppermint is an all time favorite holiday flavor. Try it in hot cocoa!

We love delving into all of the interesting and historical facts about our delicious coffee syrups here on the Amoretti blog. Sure, you don’t have to know about the peppermint plant in order to make gourmet drinks with Amoretti Premium Peppermint Syrup. But, we think that the more you know, the more you’ll come to enjoy this coffee syrup, and all of our other products!

Also, because we use all natural ingredients in our coffee syrups, you’ll find even more appreciation for these interesting facts. Check out what we’ve learned about the peppermint plant before you go off to make that peppermint mocha!

Our premium Peppermint Syrup for mochas, coffee and tea is the perfect way to take a moment with your friends, family or simply by yourself.

  • The peppermint plant is actually a hybrid herb from the Mediterranean region. It’s a cross between water mint and spearmint. Though it originated in the Mediterranean area, it grows well in Europe and North America when properly cared for.
  • Oil from the peppermint plant was used in ancient medicines to treat a variety of ailments. The soothing nature of the peppermint oil would treat everything from indigestion and upset stomach to headaches and muscle pain.
  • The work of peppermint oil still goes on today. In fact, you’d probably be surprised to see how many medicines that you use contain peppermint oil as an active ingredient!
  • Though we like peppermint best as a coffee syrup, it was used in the early 20th century to repel insects and pests! We don’t recommend using Amoretti Premium Peppermint Syrup in this way, but it’s nice to know you have options for pest control, right? (Kidding!)
  • Peppermint oil is great for aromatherapy. It can reduce fatigue, and fight against depression.

If you liked our peppermint coffee syrups before, we think you’ll really like them now. By mixing your drinks with our robust peppermint syrup, you aren’t just adding great flavor, you’re also adding a few health benefits. While we wouldn’t tout this syrup as a medicine by any means, it certainly can’t do you any harm!

Amoretti is proud to help you make gourmet drinks by offering a unique and delicious Peppermint Syrup. Do yourself a favor, and pick up a bottle of this top-selling product today. Also, don’t forget to browse the Amoretti Recipe Archive for more great-tasting drink recipes that put this stuff to use!

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