Like to Make Gourmet Drinks? You Need the Tools of the Trade!

A zester is a great little tool to add decoration and a note of flavor in your gourmet drinks.

Whether you want to make a martini, or make gourmet drinks in general, you have to have the proper tools of the trade to get things done. Don’t let your creative talent suffer just because you don’t have a chinoise. Wondering what a chinoise even is? Well, it’s a great place to start with our bartending lexicon:

Chinoise: Essentially, this is a fancy conical strainer. If you just make martinis with spirits and martini cocktail mixers, then a chinoise isn’t totally necessary. However, if you like to make gourmet drinks than use one of these!

Bar Spoons: Also, you’ll definitely want to have a nice bar spoon on hand for whenever you have a strictly on-the-rocks drink on order! Because of their length and thinness, bar spoons are much more effective than other types of stirring spoons. Many bar spoons can be quite decorative, too. So, they’re great ways to add some flair as you make gourmet drinks.

Mojtio Mint Syrup

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Cocktail Shaker: Where would we be without our cocktail shakers? Drinking martinis on the rocks? No thanks. Make martinis the right way, and get a decent cocktail shaker. We recommend spending just a little bit more to get something that will last a lifetime. Also, make sure it has a good seal. Insulated, double-walled cocktail shakers are nice, too!

Cocktail Strainer: Your cocktail shaker probably has a strainer built into it. But, if not, make sure you have one on hand to hold back the ice (and whatever chunkier particles you don’t want making it into the final product). We’re especially fond of Hawthorne-style strainers.

Muddler: Speaking of classic tools, do you have a muddler? These are especially handy if you like to make a Mojito or Old Fashioned. (By the way, Mojito-lovers are head over heels for Amoretti Premium Mojito Mint Syrup.) A muddler is especially great for bringing out the intense aromas and flavors in herbs.

Zester: If you like intense flavor, then you’ll probably find plenty of use for a zester. This handy, compact tool can create fine ribbons out of any citrus peel. The surface of the peel is all you’ll want in most cases because of the bitterness found just below in the white area. A zester will get all the intense flavor you want, and leave the rest behind.

Of course, there are many more tools that can help you make gourmet drinks. If you like to make martinis, don’t forget to add these tools and plenty of martini cocktail mixes to your home bar!

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