Love Hazelnut Coffee? Check Out These Facts About Hazelnuts

Like many of our customers, we’re big fans of hazelnut coffee here at the Amoretti headquarters in southern California. However, we don’t use the pre-flavored coffee creamers to get our great hazelnut coffee taste. Instead, we use Amoretti Premium Hazelnut Syrup, a delicious coffee syrup that isn’t sugary-sweet like most coffee syrups. Instead, it uses tons of real hazelnut flavor to achieve its great taste.

We think that’s how it should be. After all, hazelnuts are a unique and complex tree nut that simply can’t be imitated. So, why bother trying? If you love the real taste of hazelnuts, then you’ll love our coffee syrup. If you’re on the fence, then check out just a few of these facts which made us fall even more in love with the flavor…

Hazelnut Syrup

Amoretti's Premium Hazelnut Syrup: an incredible flavor sensation.

5 Interesting Facts About Hazelnuts

  1. Technically speaking, the hazelnut is known as ‘filbert.’ The word ‘hazelnut’ was developed by the English to refer to the ‘filbert’ trees planed by American settlers. However, ‘hazelnut’ has been largely accepted – no one’s going to fault you for using it, and everyone is going to know what you’re talking about!
  2. Supposedly, the name ‘filbert’ came from one of two places. One: the ‘full beard’ that sheaths some varieties of the filbert. Two: St. Philibert, a saint’s feast day (August 22) that coincides with the earliest day that the filbert can ripen.
  3. A Chinese manuscript from 2838 B.C. describes hazelnuts as one of the five sacred nourishments from God. Ancient Chinese cultures used hazelnuts as medicine, as did Greek cultures.
  4. The Greek physician, Dioscorides, recommended that patients cure the common cold by cooking hazelnuts and mixing them with black pepper. For the chronic cough, he thought pounded hazelnuts, combined with honey, was the perfect solution.
  5. Hazelnut trees can yield nuts for 80 years!

If you love hazelnuts as much as we do, pick up a bottle to make your own hazelnut coffee. Whether you want to add a little extra flavor to your coffee or make a latte, we think you’ll enjoy Amoretti Premium Hazelnut Syrup.

Of course, our hazelnut syrup isn’t just for coffee. Last October, we wrote a martini recipe that puts this unique drink syrup to use, the Amoretti Hazelnut Martini. A little coffee-flavored liqueur and vodka, when paired with our hazelnut syrup, is a great combination! What do you love most about hazelnuts? Share the answer with other Amoretti fans on our Facebook page.


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